Sam W. Sykes passed away on 10/16 at the age of 33 yrs.

on 10/20/2019

Prayer was requested for the family of Sam Sykes. He died at the age of 33 yrs, sadly. He was from the Bourbon area. Please pray for the Sykes family.

Bonnie Meyers is experiencing very poor health.


Prayer was requested for Bonnie who has been given a shortened time to live by her doctor. Her health is very poor. Please pray for her & her family.

Jack Rodgers is having lots of serious health issues & problems.

Chris Boda on

Chris requests prayer for Jack, his brother-in-law, who is having lots of serious health issues, problems with his job, & mental issues.

Sgt. Ian Ives, severely injured in Afghanistan, is facing lots of surgeries while at Walter Reed Hospital in MD.

Ken Sego on 10/20/2019

While Ian Ives was serving as a young sergeant in Afghanistan, he was severely injured. He lost his right arm & right eye due to an IED explosion. He is facing lots of surgeries. He is at the Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, MD. He grew up in Cuba, MO and is the son of Steve & Theresa Ives, grandson of the late Don Ives. Please pray for Ian’s recovery & for his family as they support & encourage him.

Joann Beckemeyer’s brother Bob must have 2 surgeries & needs prayer.

Joann Beckemeyer on 10/20/2019

Joann’s brother Bob has diverticulitis & has a bad heart. He is now facing 2 serious surgeries. Joanne asks for prayer for Bob’s health.

Joey Meyers is home recovering after having strokes.

Ken Sego on 10/20/2019

Ken had requested prayer for Joey. He has had a couple strokes that caused weakness on one side. He is home recovering. Please pray for Joey’s recovery & that He will seek the Lord in his life.

Nancy Mullen requests prayer for her nephew Mark who has cancer in his eye.

Nancy Mullen on

Nancy requests prayer for Mark. He was diagnosed as having cancer in his eye. Please pray for Mark.

Chris & Tammy Spurgeon praise God that their son & wife are expecting a son.

Chris Spurgeon on 10/20/2019

Chris shares that his son & wife are expecting a son. Praise God!

Lindsay Mosher is having back problems & needs prayer.

Ken Sego on 10/20/2019

Lindsay had a shot in her back to help with the extreme back she is experiencing. She is feeling better, praise God.

Jerry Matousek had ankle surgery on 10/16 & is having quite a bit of pain.

Ken Sego on 10/20/2019

Jerry had ankle surgery on 10/16. Since then he has been having lots of pain. Please pray for his recovery & that his pain lessens. And pray for Nancy as she cares for him at home.

Dan Blesi’s brother, John, passed away on 10/13.

Dan Blesi on 10/20/2019

Dan had requested prayer for his brother John. John has passed away. Praise God, John knew the Lord as his Savior. Please pray for John’s family.

Jimmy Tinker’s mother is having serious kidney & bladder problems.

Lisa Tinker on 10/20/2019

When tests were done on Jimmy’s mom due to her symptoms, a spot was seen on her kidney. She will be tested for cancer now. She is to see a doctor on Nov.4th. Please pray for Jimmy’s mom.

Nate Camp has a very painful back problem & lost his job.

Bonnie Camp on 10/20/2019

Bonnie requests prayer for Nate, her son, who has a terribly deteriorated L4 back disc problem. The condition is called black disc. He has also lost his most recent job. His doctor wants Nate to first lose weight before he could be considered for surgery. Please pray for Nate.

Steelville High School has a Christian organization for athletes. Praise God!

Sandy Earney on 10/13/2019

Sandy praises God that Steelville HS has an organization for Christian athletes! Tref & Sandy’s daughter, Lanna, is the teacher sponsor for the group. The group attended a Christian Rally in Osage that was really uplifting & encouraging for all who attended.

Ken Nelson will have back injections for extreme back pain.

Martha Nelson on

Martha requests prayer for Ken, her husband. He is having extreme back pain & is to have injections to relieve that pain. Please pray for Ken & that these injections will help his pain.

Robert Ridley’s mother, Eileen Ridley, had brain surgery today, Sunday,10/13. Came through fine. Praise God!

Samantha Ridley on 10/11/2019

Robert’s mom, Eileen Ridley, ended up having brain surgery today, 10/13, to remove tumors found on her brain. She came through the surgery just fine. Praise God! The results will take up to 3-5 days to see if malignant. Please keep praying for Eileen and their family. She will likely come home tomorrow, 10/14.

Linda Smith lost her sister due to cancer.

Sandy Killeen on 10/13/2019

Sandy requests prayer for Linda. Linda’s sister recently passed away due to cancer. Please pray for Linda’s family during this time.

Josh Staples has accepted the Lord, praise God!

Anna Staples on 10/13/2019

Anna shares that Josh accepted the Lord & will be baptized on Nov.3rd, praise God! Josh is the son of Shane Staples.

Prayer was requested for a man going through a tough divorce.

on 10/13/2019

Prayer was requested for a man who had been married for 25 years, but who now is going through divorce. He has children & grandchildren so the divorce is difficult for his family as well. Please pray that God will help this one to deal with this struggle & that He will turn to the Lord.

Jean Weems is having health problems & needs prayer.

on 10/13/2019

Prayer was requested for Jean Weems who is experiencing health problems.

Dorothy Ellis has cancer & needs prayer.

on 10/13/2019

Prayer was requested for Dorothy who has cancer. Please pray for her.

Connie Smith fell fracturing her wrist.

Ed Smith on 10/13/2019

Please pray for Connie. She broke her wrist during a recent fall.

Ed & Connie Smith’s great-granddaughter had to be hospitalized.

Ed Smith on 10/13/2019

The Smith’s granddaughter, Gabby Bush, gave birth to a baby girl. We had prayed for Gabby during her difficult pregnancy. Praise God, she was able to give birth to Finney Bush. Finney is currently having health issues & had to be hospitalized. Please pray for Finney.

Walter Heyer had been hospitalized for pancreatitis but is home now.

Spencer Hutson on 10/10/2019

Walter had been in the STL MO Baptist Hospital with pancreatitis since 10/5. He was discharged to home on 10/8. Walter suffers from a severe liver condition & has for some time. He is the Meramec Baptist Association’s Director of Missions & has preached at DCC for Pastor Tommy. Tom Heyer is his son. Please continue to pray for Walter’s health.

BettyJo Brodzin is having eye problems that affect her driving.


Please pray for BettyJo who is having eye problems that affect her driving ability. Please pray for her.

Don Hinkle has lots of health issues & his health may cause him to be hospitalized.

Spencer Hutson on 10/10/2019

Don dealt with cancer about 6 yrs ago & lost a kidney. He must be on dialysis. He is experiencing lots of health issues right now & may need to be hospitalized. Don is the editor of the Pathways Missouri Baptist newspaper. Please pray for Don.

Jason Walters lost a son about 6 months ago.

Spencer Hutson on 10/06/2019

Jason brought the sermon message at Deer Creek Church on 10/6. Pastor Tommy & family were away on 10/6. Jason’s son had Muscular Dystrophy & passed away about 6 months ago. Please pray for Jason & his family.

Kevin Whipple needs prayer.

on 09/29/2019

Kevin Whipple had blood pressure issues, was hospitalized for that, but is home now. He may need his medications adjusted. Please continue to pray for Kevin.

Anne Boyer had a heart attack after having a medical procedure done.

Sheila Sego on 10/06/2019

Prayer was requested for Anne. She is a friend of Sheila Sego. Please pray for Anne.

Lance DeClue has cancer & is not doing well.

Spencer Hutson on 10/06/2019

Prayer was requested for Lance. He is married to Heidi (Hunt). They live in California. Lance is not doing well with his cancer journey. Please pray for him.

Troy Pyatt has cancer.

Spencer Hutson on 10/06/2019

Prayer was requested for Troy. He is married to Holly (Cunningham). They live in Davisville.

Joann & Wayne Beckemeyer’s daughter was discharged home from the hospital.

Joann Beckemeyer on 10/06/2019

Joann requests continued prayer for their daughter who has Stage 4 kidney failure. She was discharged home after being in the hospital. Please pray for her.

Aaron Kruse’s girlfriend was killed in a car wreck.

Anna Staples on

Please pray for Aaron and for the family of this young woman who was killed in a car wreck. Aaron is the cousin of Anna Staples.

BettyJo Brodzin is having vision & eye problems right now.

Spencer Hutson on

BettyJo is having eye problems that affect her vision. Please pray for her.

Kay Worley continues to have migraines that affect her balance & equilibrium.

Ruth Sego on 10/06/2019

Kay is still having symptoms of dizzyness with feeling like her head is ‘spinning’, especially in the mornings. Plus having migraine headaches at times too. She is under a doctor’s care for help. Please continue to pray for Kay.

Lois Hughes is feeling better & got to come to church on 10/6, praise God!

on 10/06/2019

Lois has melanoma cancer that has now spread to other internal organs. After finding out that she has numerous places of cancer growth, her doctor is treating her with medications & infusions. Lois is starting back to work this week (10/6) after feeling some better. Please pray for Lois, Terry her husband, & their family.

Bob Heismann is home from the hospital & got to come to church 10/6.

on 10/06/2019

Bob is doing much better, praise God! He was able to come to church on Sunday, 10/6.

Stacey Miller’s mother had her gall bladder taken out on Saturday, 9/28.

on 09/29/2019

Please be in prayer for Stacey Miller’s mother who had to have her gall bladder out on 9/28.

Prayer was requested for our country & for our president.

David Wood on 09/25/2019

Please pray for our country and for the president of our country, President Trump.

Walt Lea is very ill. He & his family need prayer.

Ken Staples on 09/25/2019

Ken requests prayer for the Lea family. Walt is very ill. Please pray for Walt & the Lea family.

Nancy Stancil is having health issues.

Jackie Clark on 09/25/2019

Jackie requests prayer for Nancy who is having health issues. Please pray for Nancy.

Pamela Graddy has MS & is not doing well.

on 09/25/2019

Please pray for Pamela who has MS. She is not doing well.

Mandy Frost is doing well with the chemo treatments, praise God!

Pastor Tommy on 09/25/2019

Pastor Tommy had requested prayer for his sister Mandy. She started chemo treatments for cancer on 9/12. She is doing well in taking those, praise God! She is a school teacher in Nevada. She & her husband David have 2 boys. Please pray for Mandy in her recovery & journey with having cancer.

Matt Eaton, Maxine Myers’ nephew, is in Barnes Hospital with an auto immune muscle disease.

Spencer Hutson on 09/21/2019

Prayer was requested for Matt. He is 41 yrs old & was hospitalized with an auto immune muscle disease. He is at Barnes Hospital. He is the nephew of Maxine Myers. Please pray for Matt.

Sherman Bentley’s dad, Ira Bentley, is suffering from a heart leakage.

Sherman Bentley on 09/20/2019

Sherman requests prayer for his 93 yr old father who is having heart problems. Ira lives in Kentucky. Sherman has been filling in on the keyboard off & on for the Deer Creek Worship team. Please pray for Ira.

Linda Perkins suffers from sepsis after having a recent surgery.

on 09/16/2019

Prayer was requested for Linda. After a recent surgery, she developed sepsis. Now she needs a facility to stay at in order to recover & gain strength. Please pray for Linda.

Peggy Alvey had surgery to remove a suspicious polyp.

Richard Hutson on 09/16/2019

Prayer was requested for Peggy. She recently had a polyp removed. She had cancer surgery last year, so she and their family are concerned about this surgery. Please pray for Peggy.

Ed Worley is still recovering after having back surgery on 9/3.

Kay Worley on 09/16/2019

Ed had back surgery on 9/3. He came through it well, praise God! Please pray for Ed’s continued recovery.

Bart Staples’ wife, Michelle, is getting some relief for her severe back pain, praise God!

Anna Staples on 09/16/2019

Michelle had been having severe, debilitating back pain. She has been getting some relief now through special exercises. Praise God! Please pray for Michelle’s continued help for her back pain.

Sharon Turnbough’s sister, Linda Shepherd, came through the surgery well, praise God!

Sharon Turnbough on 09/16/2019

Sharon had requested prayer for her sister, Linda. She had surgery to remove the cancer that was found her in esophagus. She came through the surgery well, praise God! Please pray for Linda’s recovery.

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