Betty Luke, Frances Harding’s sister, passed away on Monday, 5/25.

Nancy Mullen on 05/27/2020

Nancy had requested prayer for her mother’s sister. Betty’s health was failing quickly. She passed away on Monday, 5/25. Please pray for Frances in the loss of her sister and for Betty’s family during this time.
There will be a funeral visitation at the Mizell Funeral Home on Thursday, May 28th, from 5-8 pm. The funeral will be at the Mizell Funeral Home on Friday, May 29th, at 11 am.

Rhett Spurgeon’s surgery to repair the hole in his heart was done on 5/26.

Pastor Tommy on 05/26/2020

Baby Rhett Spurgeon came through the heart surgery just fine and will be in the hospital for a bit. Please continue to pray for the Spurgeon family as little Rhett gets stronger and recovers.

Susan Ridley has come home on Hospice care.

Robert Ridley on 05/26/2020

Robert’s mother, Susan Ridley, has been dealing with cancer and treatments for that. She has now come home on Hospice. Her family is caring for her at their home in Oklahoma. Please pray for her family in this time and as they spend time with her. Pray also for family that is traveling back and forth to Oklahoma to be with her.

Ron Tre’ Simmons needs prayer.

Brenda Watts on 05/24/2020

Brenda requests prayer for her grandson, Ron Tre’. He is now back staying with Brenda, his great-grandmother, and mother in their home together. He has struggles and needs help. And the family needs help in helping him. Please pray for them all.

Shawn Allen Pitts passed away tragically on May 19th.

Kayla Eckert on 05/24/2020

Kayla requests prayer for the Pitts family who lost Shawn tragically on May 19th. He was only 36 yrs old. His funeral was held on Sunday, May 24th. Please pray for the Pitts family.

Jackie Clark’s sister Patsy has been making positive strides in her functioning.

Jackie Clark on 05/24/2020

Jackie praises God that Patsy is doing so well in her recovery from a stroke. Patsy has had to learn new functioning of her limbs to compensate for her disabilities and she is doing just that. Praise God!

Mickie Jensen requests prayer for her sister Linda who is having memory problems.

Mickie Jensen on 05/24/2020

Linda has been having memory problems such that she can’t care for herself. She may be going to a facility that has Memory Care. Linda lives in Albany, NY. Please pray for her.

Mary Haughey requests unspoken prayer for family who are ‘users’ and won’t accept Jesus.

Mary Haughey on 05/24/2020

Mary requests prayer for unnamed family who are ‘users’ and need Jesus in their lives. Please pray for them.

Elsie Weaver is in the hospital with fluid around her heart.

Anna Staples on 05/24/2020

Elsie is having several health concerns. She has fluid around her heart and lungs. When she had a recent cardiac catheterization done on 5/19, no blockages were found. But she does have a heart valve problem. She has been having weakness and episodes of fainting. Care of Elsie is a concern for the family. She is being considered for nursing home placement. Please pray for Elsie and for her family as they must consider what is best for her.

Mary Haughey’s granddaughter delivered her baby too early and the infant passed away.

Mary Haughey on 05/24/2020

Mary requests prayer for her granddaughter. She was pregnant and delivered her baby too early at 6-8 weeks. Please pray for this grieving mother.

Jason Bowles’ young niece from Georgia passed away.

Sharon Turnbough on 05/24/2020

Sharon requests prayer for the Bowles’ family. Jason’s young adult niece from Georgia passed away tragically. This girl was his sister’s oldest daughter. Please pray for the Bowles’ family during this time.

Donna & Larry Weber need prayer.

Donna Weber on 05/24/2020

Donna requests prayer for Larry & herself. Larry had heart surgery in 2019, but the heart valve that had been replaced is now leaking. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some of the tests that Larry would have had or treatments done have been delayed. Donna has been suffering with a healing fracture in her foot that causes pain. Both of them are to have follow-up doctor appointments again soon. Please pray for Larry & Donna.

Pastor Tommy’s sister, Mandy Frost, had colon surgery on 5/22 & needs prayer.

Pastor Tommy on 05/24/2020

Pastor Tommy requests continued prayer for his sister Mandy. She had been treated for colon cancer. She had colon surgery on 5/22 to remove a cancerous tumor. The surgeons were able to get all of the cancer. She is recovering in a Nevada hospital. Please continue to pray for Mandy.

Christine Grubaugh is having internal bleeding & is in the STL MO Baptist Hospital.

Spencer Hutson on 05/24/2020

Spencer requests prayer for Christine. She is the wife of Earl Grubaugh and the daughter of Nancy Adams. The doctors were unable to find the source of her bleeding, thus she had been transferred to the STL MO Baptist Hospital late on 5/23. Please pray for Christine.

Holden Alvey, Iona & Bill Alvey’s grandson, is having health issues & needs prayer.

Richard Hutson on 05/24/2020

Please pray for Holden who is having health issues at this time.

Maxine Brewer is not doing well & needs prayer.

Richard Hutson on 05/24/2020

Richard requests prayer for his sister Maxine. She has cancer & is not doing well. Iona Alvey is also her sister. Please pray for Maxine.

Spencer Hutson’s aunt, Ina Bouse, needs prayer.

Spencer Hutson on 05/20/2020

Spencer’s Aunt Ina has been slipping away mentally. The doctors are not sure if she had a stroke or why she has been experiencing these issues. Please pray for Ina.

Jennifer Fore has pneumonia.

on 05/20/2020

Sheila Sego’s sister, Jennifer Fore, has pneumonia. Please pray for Jennifer.

Bob Heisman is in the hospital and has suffered a stroke.

Linda Heisman on 05/19/2020

Linda requests prayer for Bob, her husband. He had a stroke and has been hospitalized. Please be in prayer for Bob.

Justin & Lindsay Mosher are moving to Mesquite, NV to start a new ministry in the FBC there.

Ken Sego on 05/17/2020

Justin resigned as pastor of the 5th St. Baptist Church in Hannibal, MO. He has taken a new call as pastor at the FBC in Mesquite, NV. He, Lindsay, & 2 daughters are to move there by July 1st. They need to sell their house in Hannibal. Please pray that they can. And pray for them in this new ministry. Lindsay is the daughter of Ken & Ruth Sego.

Joey Butler has an infected bone fracture in his leg and is facing a partial amputation.

Danny & Barb Barrick on 05/17/2020

Danny & Barb request prayer for their friend Joey. He broke his leg, but since having it repaired developed a bad infection. Now Joey is to have a partial amputation of his leg. He is in his late 60’s. Please pray for Joey.

Betty Jo Brodzin’s sister, ‘Sis’, is slipping away mentally.

Betty Jo Brodzin on 05/17/2020

Betty Jo’s sister lives in the Kansas City area. Betty Jo went to visit with her sister and family. ‘Sis’, as she is called, is slipping away mentally. Please pray for Sis and those family members who live near.

Sherman Bentley had tests done for cancer. He does NOT have cancer, praise God!

Ruth Sego on 05/17/2020

Sherman was thought to have lung cancer. He had a biopsy done that was NEGATIVE for cancer! Praise God!

Ken Staples’ mother, Betty, passed away on 5/7/20.

Ruth Sego on 05/10/2020

Ken’s mother had been suffering with lots of pain. Praise God, she knew the Lord as her Savior! Betty was also the mother of Lenny Staples. Please be in prayer for the Staples’ families during this time.

Megan Camp moved to St. Charles starting a new job.

Bonnie Camp on 05/03/2020

Although Megan moved to St. Charles to start a new job, in that area have been numerous cases of the coronavirus. Please pray for Megan’s protection.

Jeff Wilson’s mother, Marilyn Wilson, had to be taken to the hospital due to a farm accident..

on 05/03/2020

Jeff’s mother, Marilyn, had to be taken to the hospital due to being in a farm accident. Marilyn is the mother-in-law of Sandy Wilson, Tom and Ruby Bouse’s daughter. Please pray for Marilyn and for her husband Bob Wilson.

Lisa & Jimmy Tinker’s neighbor, Paul Bredenkamp, tested positive for Covid-19.

Lisa Tinker on 04/27/2020

Lisa had requested prayer for Paul and his family. On 4/22 Paul tested positive for Covid-19. He is hospitalized, on oxygen, & receiving antibiotics. His large family has been quarantined. The Tinkers are healthy and safe, and have had no contact with Paul and his family. Please pray for Paul and his family.

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