Dave Scutter’s wife, Gini, was placed on hospice care today.

Lisa Lorts on 08/16/2019

Virginia, ‘Gini’, was placed on hospice care today, 8/16. Her husband, Dave is the pastor of the Macedonia Church in Rolla, MO. Please pray for Gini, Dave, & their family.

Lisa & Larry Lorts’ young friend, Clinton Kerns, passed away.

Ruth Sego on 08/16/2019

Clinton had come home on military leave & died tragically & unexpectantly. Please pray for his family.

Prayer was requested for those affected by the shooting that occurred in Philadelphia, PA on Wednesday, 8/14.

on 08/15/2019

Prayer was requested for those affected by the shooting that occurred in Philadelphia, PA on Wednesday, 8/14. Several police officers were shot.

Sandy Killeen had to be hospitalized in the ICU on Monday night.

Ruth Sego on 08/15/2019

Sandy was on a ventilator in the ICU, had fluid on her chest, and other serious symptoms. She is getting better, praise God! Please pray for Sandy’s recovery, for Mandy her daughter, & Sandy’s family.

Lois Hughes has cancer again and needs prayer.

Ruth Sego on 08/15/2019

Please pray for Lois and her husband Terry. Lois had cancer in the past. She has cancer again & needs prayer. Terry, her husband, is having health issues and needs prayer too. Please pray them.

Bobbi Metcalf’s brother, Doug Miller, was to be released from the nursing home, praise God!

Don Metcalf on 08/08/2019

Bobbi & Don Metcalf had requested prayer for Bobbi’s brother, Doug. He was in a bad nursing home situation. He has since been released and the circumstances are getting resolved, Don says. Praise God!

Jenny Blesi had a successful open heart surgery done on 8/13 @ STL Mercy Hospital. Praise God!

Ruth Sego on 08/08/2019

Jenny had open heart surgery done on Tuesday, 8/13. She is doing well, able to eat, & be up a little. Praise God! She may be discharged over the weekend. Please pray for her recovery.

Betty Staples, Ken Staples’ mother, was moved to the Cuba Manor Nursing facility.

Ken Staples on 08/15/2019

Ken had asked prayer for his mother Betty who had been hospitalized at the MO Baptist Hospital. She is feeling better now, will continue to receive IV antibiotics for a while, and will be getting rehab. Please pray for Betty.

Mary Haughey praises God that her family came to church to worship on Sunday, 8/11!

Mary Haughey on 08/12/2019

Mary shared a couple praises to God. 1) Some of her family came to church with her on 8/11. 2) And that the cancer that her oldest daughter has is responding to treatment. Praise God!

Yvonne McClain requests prayer for her daughter Stephanie.

Yvonne McClain on 08/12/2019

Please pray for Stephanie. She recently discovered 2 lumps in her breast.

Lindsay Mosher is seeking a job now that she has graduated from college with her Master’s Degree in education.

Ken Sego on 08/12/2019

Ken requests prayer for Lindsay as she seeks a job.

Jackie Clark requests prayer for her granddaughter Brianna and her sister Patsy.

Jackie Clark on 08/12/2019

Please pray for Brianna who was recently diagnosed with scoliosis. Also, Patsy, who had a stroke last year is still recovering and trying to be able to accomplish more movement on her own. Please pray for Patsy.

Truett Palmer is a 2 yr old who needs a heart transplant.

Barb Barrick on 08/12/2019

Barb requests prayer for this little one who needs a heart transplant. Folks are raising money to pay for this procedure to be done @ Children’s Hospital in STL. Please pray for Truett, his family, & that he can have this surgery done.

Prayer was requested for our nation.

on 08/12/2019

Prayer was requested for our nation. There is a lot of turmoil going on in the US, in our government, and with many people who live here. Please pray for God to lead us as a nation.

Bonnie Camp’s sister-in-law, Velma Ginnings, is near death.

Bonnie Camp on 08/12/2019

Bonnie shares that Velma is doing very poorly, health-wise. Please pray for Velma and the family.

Martha Nelson had a pancreatic stent surgery on 8/9.

Martha Nelson on 07/28/2019

Martha was having pancreas problems for some time. She had a pancreatic stent surgery done on 8/9. Please pray that this will help & that she will need no further pancreatic surgeries. Please pray for Martha.

Kathy Vick’s mother, Molly Colbert, passed away.

Spencer Hutson on 08/10/2019

Kathy’s mother Molly passed away in Kansas. Kathy has already left to be with family. Please be in prayer for Kathy and her family.

Mildred Craig is now staying in a rehab center.

Sandy Wood on 08/09/2019

Sandy’s aunt Mildred is recovering from a tick bite illness. She was very sick & had to be hospitalized. She was moved to a rehab center now. There are family issues that are problematic. Please pray for Mildred’s recovery & for her family.

Mandy Frost had a cancerous polyp.

Pastor Tommy on 08/09/2019

Pastor Tommy requests prayer for his sister Mandy. A cancerous polyp was found when she had a colonoscopy done. She will find out soon the recommended treatment(s) she should take. She, her her husband David, & children live in Nevada. Please pray for Mandy & her family.

Debbie Garrett praises God that her husband & son were not injured in a tractor accident they were involved in!

Debbie Garrett on 08/06/2019

Debbie praises God that her husband & son were not injured as a result of a tractor accident they were involved in.

Dee Ann needs prayer.

Mary Haughey on 08/06/2019

Mary requests prayer for Dee Ann. Dee Ann may be 40 something yrs old. She makes poor choices, especially regarding men. Please pray for Dee Ann to give her life to the Lord and to make better life choices.

Mary Elizabeth Hill has serious kidney & liver problems.

Jackie Clark on 08/06/2019

Jackie requests prayer for her friend Mary Elizabeth. She has failing kidneys & liver problems. She lives in Florida, was working, but has now quit that stressful job. Please pray for Mary Elizabeth.

Two terrible shooting tragedies happened over the weekend on 8/3 in El Paso, TX and in Dayton, OH.

on 08/06/2019

Prayer was requested for the two cities affected by the terrible shooting tragedies that happened on 8/3 in El Paso, TX and in Dayton, OH. Please pray for the grieving families of those killed and for those who survived.

Mammie Catherine and David, friends of Flint Tindall, have cancer.

Flint & Lisa Tindall on 08/06/2019

Flint requests prayer for Mammie Catherine who has Stage 2 lung cancer. He also asks prayer for David, who works with Lisa Tindall. He has lung cancer as well. Please pray for Mammie and for David.

Ruby & Tom Bouse’s baby great-grandson, Ryker, got to go home from the hospital. Praise God!

Joni Sanders on 08/06/2019

Prayer had been requested for baby Ryker. He was born premature, but now weighs 6+lbs. He had hernia surgery, but has been discharged to home. Praise God!

Delores Langenberg is currently living at @ Oak Pointe of Rolla.

Ruth Sego on 07/28/2019

Delores has had some health issues within this past month, even passing out & then falling. After being hospitalized, she is now staying @ Oak Pointe of Rolla. Calvin, her husband, is staying there with her. Please pray for both Delores & Calvin.

The newborn baby granddaughter of Treff & Sandy Earney, born 4 wks early, is doing well. Praise God!

Sandy Earney on 08/06/2019

Evelyn Ruth Earney was born on 7/27 weighing 5’14”, 4 weeks early. Her mother, Karen Earney, had developed serious complications but delivered Evelyn normally, praise God! Evelyn will be in the NICU for a while, but is doing fine, gaining weight. Praise God! Please keep Evelyn & her mommy- Karen in prayer. Wayne Earney is the husband of Karen and the son of Treff & Sandy.

Dr. John Yeats’ dad has suffered 2 strokes in the last few days.

Spencer Hutson on 08/05/2019

Mr. Yeats suffered 2 strokes in the last few days. Dr. John Yeats, his son, is traveling to Dallas to be with him there. Dr. Yeats works with Spencer Hutson, is the Executive Director of the Missouri Baptist Convention, and a member of Deer Creek Church. Please pray for the Yeats family.

Lonnie Salts’ wife, Linda, is having terrible headaches.

Ken Sego on 08/03/2019

Prayer was requested for Linda Salts. She’s been having terrible, debilitating headaches that no doctor can find the cause for. Please pray for Linda and that the doctor(s) can find a cause and cure.

Prayer has been requested for Karen Blair who has been placed on Hospice care.

Sharon Turnbough on 08/03/2019

Karen lives in Cuba and has been placed on hospice. She has cancer that has spread throughout her body. She is only 65 years old. Please pray for Karen.

Kevin Whipple’s son, John, was in the hospital after being involved in an incident in Afghanistan.

Kevin Whipple on 08/01/2019

Kevin requests prayer for his son John who is in the military, stationed in Afghanistan. John performs duties that resulted in him being injured in some way requiring hospitalization. A couple of his fellow military comrades who served as paratroopers were killed during this same incident. Kevin received word that John was doing ok. Please pray for John and for the families of the paratroopers who lost their lives.

Prayer was requested for Tom & his wife who are now both disabled after being in an accident.

Joyce Godat on 07/28/2019

Joyce requests prayer for her daughter & husband who are both disabled after being in a car accident. Joyce shares that they need salvation. Please pray for Tom & his wife, their health & salvation.

Joyce Godat requests prayer for baby Macey who lives in Iowa.

Joyce Godat on 07/28/2019

Joyce requested prayer for baby Macey who has a hole in her heart & is having brain spasms. Her prognosis isn’t good, supposedly. Please pray for Macey. Her parents are cousin’s of Joyce.

Mt. Olive Baptist Church in Cuba was vandalized recently.

Spencer Hutson on 07/28/2019

Prayer was requested for the church after having paint sprayed on an exterior wall of an upside down cross. Pastor Paul Dunn shared with Spencer that God is beginning to move there & the church is growing. But the devil is trying to thwart the good. Please pray for Cuba Mt. Olive Baptist Church & for Pastor Paul Dunn.

Walter Heyer continues to need prayer.

Spencer Hutson on 07/28/2019

Walter had been hospitalized on 7/16 due to having increased pain and symptoms with his liver. He has a serious liver disease that causes him lots of severe symptoms off and on. He needs a liver transplant, but that hasn’t happened for him. Please pray for Walter and his wife Laura. He is the Crawford County, Meramec Baptist Association, Director of Missions for our area.

Debbie Garrett requests prayer about she & her sister’s relationship.

Debbie Garrett on 07/28/2019

Debbie requests prayer about her relationship with her sister. Please pray for the Lord’s leading for Debbie.

Debbie Garrett requests prayer for her father-in-law and their family.

Debbie Garrett & Mary Haughey on 07/28/2019

Debbie’s father-in-law, Jessie Garrett, is home on Hospice care now. He had suffered a heart attack plus already had severe liver & kidney problems. Jessie & several members of the Garrett family need salvation. Please pray for Jessie & these ones to come to know the Lord. And give Debbie & her mother the words to share, if that is God’s will for them to do so.

Prayer was requested for 6 yr old Zoey who has leukemia.

on 07/22/2019

Zoey is a 6 yr old little girl who has been hospitalized with leukemia. Please pray for Zoey.

Sandy Killeen requests prayer for her grandson who is on a missions trip to S.Carolina.

Sandy Killeen on 07/22/2019

Sandy requests prayer for her grandson who went on a church related, youth mission trip to S.Carolina. Please pray for their safety, that the Lord would bless those going on the mission trip, and that folks would accept the Lord.

Justin Weaver had to be hospitalized due to a bite by an alligator.

Anna Staples on 07/19/2019

Anna requests prayer for her nephew Justin who lives in TX. He was hospitalized after being bit by an alligator. Please pray for Justin.

Lance DeClue has stage 4 renal cancer & now other cancer has been found.

Spencer Hutson on 07/19/2019

Prayer was requested for Lance. He is a married man in his 50’s. He & his wife Heidi are from MO but live in California. Many in the church know them. He has been diagnosed with stage 4 renal cancer, has spots on his lungs, kidneys, brain, and back. Please pray for Lance & his wife Heidi.

Rylee Mabe dislocated his shoulder and may need surgery.

Sandy Earney on 07/19/2019

The grandson of Treff & Sandy Earney, Rylee, fell dislocating his shoulder. He is a high school teenager who has a history of excelling in sports but who has had injuries that have prohibited him from being involved in them for a couple years. He is likely now to need surgery. Please pray for Rylee.

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