Larry & Donna Weber continue to need prayer for health issues.

Ruth Sego on 01/16/2020

Larry & Donna continue to have health problems & need prayer. Larry is to have heart surgery to repair a leaky heart valve, but still isn’t healthy enough to have that surgery. He was to see a doctor on 1/17 but due to bad weather predictions, had to cancel. Donna continues to have health issues too with bronchitis & coughing. Please pray for both Larry & Donna.

Anna Staples is having sciatic nerve pain.

Ken Staples on 01/16/2020

Ken requests prayer for Anna who is having sciatic nerve pain. Please pray for Anna.

Betty Staples is still hurting a lot although she had surgery to relieve back pain on 1/6.

Ken Staples on 01/16/2020

Ken requests continued prayer for his mother, Betty Staples. She had surgery on 1/6 that was to help relieve back pain, but so far the pain hasn’t been relieved much. She also had a tumor removed & other procedures done to help her. Ken & his brothers will be talking to the doctor(s) to discuss what next could be done to help Betty. Please pray for Betty to have pain relief.

Edna Dylan is to have upcoming open heart surgery on Friday, 1/17/2020.

Lisa & Larry Lorts on 01/16/2020

Lisa & Larry request prayer for their neighbor lady who will have open heart surgery on 1/17. She lost her husband a couple years ago, yet she continues to live on her farm & works besides. She’ll have that done at Boone Hospital in Columbia. She’s in her 50’s. Please pray for Edna.

Pastor Durwin Kicker from FBC of Marshfield, MO passed away suddenly on Tuesday, 1/14/2020.

Spencer Hutson on 01/16/2020

Spencer requests prayer for the family of Durwin Kicker. He died suddenly on 1/14 due to having a massive heart attack. He had served 25 years as pastor at the First Baptist Church of Marshfield, MO. He was 56 yrs old. Please pray for his family.

Lisa Tindall is home recovering after having back surgery on 12/20.

Ruth Sego on 01/12/2020

Lisa had back surgery done on 12/20. She remains off from work and is still recovering. Please pray for Lisa’s recovery.

Prayer was requested for those attending the Wild Game Dinner on Friday, January 31st.

Ken Sego on 01/12/2020

Ken requests prayer for those men & boys who will attend the Wild Game Dinner at the Meramec Baptist Associational Camp in Steelville on 1/31. Pray that men & boys will come to the Lord. Pray for the speaker who will give the message. Thank you.

Ed Worley is home from the hospital & was able to come to church on Sunday, 1/12. Praise God!

Ruth Sego on 01/12/2020

Ed was in the hospital, but is home now. Praise God, he was able to come to church on Sunday! He states he is feeling some better too.

A mother who suffers with schizophrenia and is from the Cuba area, fled taking her child.

Flint Tindall on 01/12/2020

Flint requests prayer for a husband who’s wife left taking their child. This mother suffers with schizophrenia. This man is a friend of Flint’s. Please pray for the safety of the child and about this situation.

Maureen & Rich Ulman praise God that they now have a 3rd great-grandchild!

Maureen Ulman on 01/12/2020

Maureen shares that another great-grandchild was born into their family, a great-granddaughter. Praise God!

Amy Blake & her husband have been sick.

Joni Sanders on 01/12/2020

Prayer was requested for Amy & her husband who have been sick. Please pray for them.

Dwayne, Flint Tindall’s nephew, needs prayer.

Flint Tindall on 01/12/2020

Flint requests prayer for his nephew. Please pray for Dwayne.

Susan Elston is in ICU after having an emergency cardiac event.

Bonnie Camp on 01/12/2020

Bonnie requests prayer for Susan. She is the mother-in-law of Bonnie’s son, Landon Camp. Susan had an emergency cardiac event at the hospital. Her condition isn’t stable yet. Please pray for Susan.

Barb Barrick is home & came to church on Sunday, 1/12. Praise God!

Ruth Sego on 01/12/2020

Barb had been in the hospital with CHF & low oxygenation. She is home now and was able to attend church with Danny & their 2 grandsons. Praise God!

Roger Silvey’s wife, Donna, has had lots of health instability and they both need prayer.

Walter Heyer on 01/12/2020

Roger’s wife, Donna, had brain surgery on 12/9 @ Barnes Hospital. She has had health setbacks off and on. She’s been in & out of ICU. Roger has tried to remain positive. Please keep praying for Donna, for Roger, and for their family. They really need it.

Tammy Spurgeon requests prayer for travel safety as Chris must drive to Oklahoma next week.

Tammy Spurgeon on 01/12/2020

Chris, Tammy’s husband, must travel in Oklahoma next week. Please pray for travel safety for Chris.

Kortney Rodgers’ sister, Kendra Cummings, had a 6th knee surgery today, 1/10/2020 and needs prayer.

Joni Sanders on 01/10/2020

Joni requests prayer for Kendra who is a college senior in Arkansas. She had to have a 6th knee surgery today, 1/10, and needs prayer for recovery. Kendra is Kortney’s sister. Please pray for Kendra.

Mandy Frost’s cancer is now in remission, praise God!

Pastor Tommy on 01/09/2020

Pastor Tommy shares a praise and answer to prayer about his sister Mandy. Her cancer is now in remission. Praise God! Her scans for cancer were negative.

Paul Ransom senior fell fracturing his leg and damaging his left ankle.

Valerie Hutson on 12/18/2019

Paul fell breaking his leg and injuring his left ankle. He also dislocated his right shoulder. He is the father-in-law of Spencer & Valerie Hutson’s niece. Please pray for Paul.

Jessie Stillman requests prayer for her brother who is dying with cancer.

Jessie Stillman on 01/05/2020

Jessie requests prayer for her brother who is dying with cancer. Please pray for him.

Donna Vogler will see a doctor about her left knee on Tuesday, 1/7.

on 01/05/2020

Please pray for Donna about her left knee that she injured during a fall. And about her appointment to see a doctor for her injured knee.

Bill & Iona Alvey need prayer. Maxine Brewer needs prayer concerning her cancer.

Richard Hutson on 01/05/2020

Richard requests prayer for his family members Bill & Ion Alvey and his sister Maxine Brewer who has cancer. Please pray for them.

Robert Ridley’s mother, Eileen Ridley, is doing well with her cancer treatments. Praise God.

Samantha Ridley on 01/05/2020

Robert’s mom, Eileen Ridley, is tolerating well her cancer treatments for brain cancer. Her attitude is good, Samantha shares. Eileen knows the Lord as her Savior. Please continue to pray for Eileen and their family.

Barbara Dwyer, Joann & Wayne Beckemeyer’s daughter, is to see a specialist in Michigan on January 8th.

Joann Beckemeyer on 01/05/2020

Joann requests prayer for their daughter Barbara who lives in Michigan. She has Stage 4 kidney cancer, is losing weight, & currently weighs only 79 lbs. Barbara will see a specialist on Wednesday, 1/8. Joann shares that Barbara knows the Lord & is ready to go meet her Lord. Please pray for Barbara and for Joann & Wayne.

James King, Steve Stephens’ father-in-law, passed away on Saturday, 1/4/20.

Ruth Sego on 01/05/2020

Steve shares that Mr. King passed away on Saturday, 1/4. Mr. King was a saved believer in Christ. Please pray for the King and Stephens families.

Charlotte Pope, Ruby Bouse’s sister, was transferred to STL MO Baptist Hospital due to heart problems.

Ruby Bouse on 01/03/2020

Ruby requests prayer for her sister Charlotte. She is having very serious heart problems such that she was transferred to the STL MO Baptist Hospital. Please pray for Charlotte.

Jay Garrett continues to need prayer about his recovery after knee surgery.

Mary Haughey on 12/29/2019

Jay continues to have lots of pain & mobility issues after having knee surgery. Please continue to pray for Jay.

Betty Drew had quadruple bypass heart surgery.

Amy Blake on 12/23/2019

Amy requests prayer for Betty. She had surgery done @ St.Luke’s Hospital. Betty is having a hard time in her recovery. She is the mother-in-law of Cary Drew. Please pray for Betty.

Joey Myers needs prayer.

Ken Sego on 12/23/2019

Ken asks prayer for Joey. He used to attend church long ago, but had gotten away from the Lord. Joey had a couple strokes within the last couple months & is recovering. Please pray for Joey.

Prayer was requested for Kathleen who is having knee replacement surgery on 12/20.

Kelly on 12/18/2019

Prayer was requested for Kathleen. She will have knee replacement surgery on Friday, 12/20. Please pray for her.

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