Prayer was requested for Cathy who is having a lot of concerns and issues.

on 02/18/2019

Someone requested prayer for Cathy. She is having a lot of issues and concerns and needs prayer. Please pray for Cathy.

Yvonne McClain’s granddaughter requested prayer for her mother Kim.

on 02/18/2019

Prayer was requested for Kim who has a hurt shoulder. Her young daughter requested prayer for her mother.

Joni requests unspoken prayer for Thursday, 2/21, at 11 am.

Joni Sanders on 02/18/2019

Joni requested unspoken prayer for this Thursday, 2/21, at 11 am. Please pray with Joni about this unspoken request.

A 42 yr old may died unexpectedly and his family is struggling due to his death.

on 02/18/2019

Prayer was requested for Frankie’s family. He died unexpectedly at the age of 42 yrs. His mother is struggling with his death. The cause of his death is uncertain at this time. Please pray for Frankie’s family and his mother especially.

Maggie Vellum is 91 yrs old and has pneumonia.

Tammy Spurgeon on 02/18/2019

Tammy requests prayer for her friend Patty’s mom, Maggie. This elderly lady has pneumonia but also has been in & out of the hospital quite a bit lately. She had a bad reaction to medication recently as well. Please pray for Maggie and for Patty as she tries to help her mom.

Both Donna & Larry Weber are still having illness and trying to recover.

Ruth Sego on 02/18/2019

Donna came home from the hospital on 2/3. She is still recovering from having ‘double’ pneumonia. Larry also has been sick off and on since the end of last year. Please be in prayer for both Donna & Larry.

Dylan Rodgers’ stepson, Sonti, was evaluated at STL Children’s Hospital.

Jim Sanders on 02/04/2019

Jim had requested prayer for young Sonti who was evaluated at the STL Children’s Hospital. The physicians there discussed helping Sonti with his disabilities. Please pray that the physicians can help him.

Chris Lattman is a veteran who needs prayer.

Ken Sego on 02/18/2019

Chris is a veteran who has been suffering with PTSD and has come under hard times. A place for Chris to live was secured, praise God. Please continue to pray for Chris.

Lisa Tinker is home now recovering from pneumonia.

Jimmy Tinker on 02/18/2019

Lisa is home recovering from pneumonia after being in the STL Mercy Hospital. Please pray for Lisa’s recovery.

Sandy Killeen had heart surgery done, is doing well, & was able to come to church on 2/17.

on 02/18/2019

The church has been praying about Sandy’s heart surgery that was done last week. She had to have stents placed. She is recovering well after having surgery & was able to attend church with some of her family yesterday, 2/17. Praise God! Please continue to pray for her recovery.

Joann & Wayne Beckemeyer’s daughter, Barbara Dwyer, must have a MRI due to arm numbness.

Joann Beckemeyer on 02/18/2019

Barbara had to have an IV port removed. She began having numbness in her arm so was to have an MRI done. She is also dealing with stage 4 kidney failure. Please pray for Barbara.

Joan Mitchell’s sister, Ellen Brown, passed away on Wednesday, 2/13.

Joan Mitchell on 02/18/2019

Ellen passed away last week. Joan states that no funeral services have been planned yet. Please pray for the Ellen Brown family at this time.

Pray for safe travel for the Hutson’s who went to Dublin, Ireland to visit their son & his family.

Ruth Sego on 02/18/2019

The Hutson’s traveled to Ireland this week to see their son and his family. They will return this week. Please pray for their safe travels home.

Maureen (Mo) Murphy Ulman will have shoulder surgery this Friday, 2/22.

Ruth Sego on 02/04/2019

Mo will have shoulder surgery on 2/22 at Washington Mercy Hospital. Please pray for her about this upcoming surgery.

Flint Tindall had foot surgery done on 2/5. Please pray for his healing & recovery.

Ken and Ruth Sego on 02/18/2019

Flint Tindall had extensive foot surgery done on 2/5. He is recovering & healing yet still is having quite a bit of pain. Please pray for Flint to recover & heal.

Jim Sanders is doing well after having cataract surgery done on 2/12. Praise God!

Ruth Sego on 02/14/2019

Jim is doing well after having cataract surgery done on his left eye on 2/12. He is seeing better, he says. Praise God!

Bob is doing well with rehab at the hospital & to come home Wednesday, 2/20. BettyJo Brodzin was discharged 2/14.

Ruth Sego on 02/18/2019

Please keep praying for Bob & Betty Jo Brodzin. Bob is taking Rehab at St.Clare Hospital in Fenton after having a pacemaker put in. He is to be discharged Wed, 2/20. BettyJo is home recovering after also having a pacemaker put in. Please pray for the both of them as they recover.

David Boyer needs a job.

Pastor Tommy on 02/14/2019

David is Stacey Miller’s uncle. He has been without a job for some time. He has a wife and family. Fortunately, David’s wife has a job; she is a teacher. Please pray that David can find a job.

One of Ken & Ruth’s daughters needs prayer.

Ken Sego on 02/14/2019

Ken requested prayer for his daughter Andrea. Please pray for her.

Treff Earney’s sister , Alline Finocchiaro, has passed away.

Sandy Earney on 02/14/2019

Alline passed away on Tues., 2/5. She was 96 yrs old. Her funeral was on 2/11. Please pray for Mrs. Finocchiaro’s family.

Patricia “Tricia” Durbin (Meyer) passed away tragically on Wednesday, 2/6/2019.

on 02/08/2019

Prayer was requested for the family of Tricia Durbin who died suddenly and tragically on Wed., 2/6. She was only 44 yrs old. Please pray for this family.

Greg Shepard will have hip replacement surgery on Tuesday, 2/26.

Ruth Sego on 02/04/2019

Greg will have a hip replacement surgery done on 2/26. Please pray for Greg about this upcoming surgery.

Butler family have been detained in Africa attempting to adopt 2 children from there.

Barb Barrick on 02/04/2019

Barb requests prayer for friends of theirs, the Butler family, who were attempting to adopt 2 children from Africa. The adopting parents traveled to Africa to retrieve the children, only to be detained there. They have been there for several weeks and can’t seem to find a resolution to come back to the states. The Butler’s attend the Church of Christ in Bland, MO. Please pray for them.

Prayer was requested for our president, government, and country!

on 02/04/2019

Prayer was requested for our president, government, and country…all of which are in need of prayer and guidance! May God be lifted up! I Timothy 2:1-4 says: “First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings (or presidents) and ALL who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way. This is good, and it is pleasing in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the Truth.”

Nathan Camp still needs a job. Please pray.

Bonnie Camp on 02/04/2019

Bonnie requests prayer for her son Nate who still needs a job. His unemployment has almost run out, she states. Please pray for Nate.

Walt Griese’s cancer has spread to his lungs and his health is deteriorating.

Ruth Sego on 02/04/2019

Walt has cancer that is spreading. None of the treatments he has been receiving so far have stopped the cancer. His health is deteriorating. He is the brother-in-law of Ken and Ruth Sego. He and Ruth’s sister, Verna, are believers in Christ. Please be in prayer for Walt and Verna.

Emily suffered a brain aneurysm while at school on Friday, 1/25.

BettyJo Brodzin on 01/28/2019

BettyJo requests prayers for Emily, the daughter of a family friend of hers, who had a brain aneurysm while at school on Friday, 1/25. Emily is just 9 years old. Please pray for this family who are unselfishly in the process of looking to donate organs. A very tragic situation. Please pray for Emily and her family.

Pat Elders is having double mastectomy surgery done tomorrow, 1/30.

Paula Mueller on 01/29/2019

Paula requests prayer for Pat who is having double mastectomy surgery on Wednesday, 1/30. She has also been diagnosed with colon cancer. Please pray for Pat.

Terry Counts has terminal cancer.

David Wood on 01/27/2019

Prayer was requested for Terry Counts who has worked as a local school bus driver. He has terminal cancer. His wife’s name is Betty. Please pray for Terry, his wife Betty, and their family.

Ron Tre‘ Simmons continues to need prayer.

Brenda Watts on 01/27/2019

Ron Tre’ is the grandson of Brenda Watts and the great-grandson of Jessie Stillman. He continues to struggle with some issues right now and needs our prayers. Please pray for him and for Brenda who oversees his care.

Gayle, a friend of Joyce Hartzell, had liver surgery on 1/24.

Joyce Hartzell on 01/27/2019

Gayle had surgery on Thursday, 1/24, to remove a growth from her liver. Please pray for Gayle’s recovery after surgery.

Mike Beckemeyer has a gash in his head due to someone attacking him.

Joann Beckemeyer on 01/27/2019

Joann requests prayer for her son Mike who had to have staples applied to repair a gash in his head. The gash resulted from someone attacking him. Please pray for Mike.

Colin Edson, grandson of the Beckemeyer’s, needs prayer.

Joann Beckemeyer on 01/27/2019

Joann requests prayer for her grandson Colin who must live in ‘horrible’ living conditions, she states. Please pray for Colin.

Kevin Whipple’s daughter Lindsay did not have a brain tumor, praise God!

Kevin Whipple on 01/25/2019

The tests done at STL Mercy Hospital on 1/24 for Lindsay, Kevin’s daughter, showed NO brain tumor. Praise God! She will be treated for the findings of those tests and for the symptoms she is having. Thank you for praying.

Ryan, Joyce Hartzell’s nephew, has an eye disease that causes blindness.

Joyce Hartzell on 01/23/2019

Joyce requests prayer for her niece’s husband, Ryan. He found out about a year ago that he has a degenerative eye disease that will cause blindness. He also had a minor heart attack and recently was diagnosed with MS. Ryan is 40 yrs old. Please pray for Ryan.

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