Jim Plymale and his wife are recovering from Covid 19.

Spencer Hutson on

Prayer was requested for the Plymale’s. They are recovering from Covid 19 and are doing better than they were. Keep them in prayer.

Mike and Kayla Eckert need a different place to live.

on 09/22/2020

Please pray for the Eckert’s. They need a different place to live.

Anna Staples requests prayer for her sister and husband.

Anna Staples on 09/22/2020

Anna requests unspoken prayer for her sister and husband.

Kay Worley has an unspoken prayer request.

Kay Worley on 09/22/2020

Nancy Mullen requests prayer for her brother Larry and for her granddaughter Dominique.

Nancy Mullen on 09/22/2020

Larry has a fractured leg. He has history of Parkinson’s disease. Also, Dominique is pregnant for the second time but has Covid 19. Please pray for Larry, for Dominique, and for her baby-on-the-way.

Maureen Ulman’s friend, Robin Bartley, passed away due to cancer.

Maureen Ulman on 09/22/2020

Robin had cancer three times and had an aneurysm in 2000. She had multiple health issues before passing. Please pray for the Bartley family.

Curt Boss is struggling health-wise, having Covid 19.

Sandy Earney on 09/22/2020

Curt had been on a ventilator. He has Covid 19. He is the father of Sandy & Tref’s daughter-in-law, Melanie. Please pray for Curt to recover.

Richard Hutson requests continued prayer for Maxine Brewer, his sister.

Richard Hutson on 09/22/2020

Richard requests continued prayer for his sister Maxine. She has been dealing with esophageal, lung, & bone cancer & isn’t doing well. Iona Alvey is also her sister. Please keep praying for Maxine.

Richard Hutson requests continued prayer for Bill Alvey.

Richard Hutson on 08/30/2020

Richard requests continued prayer for Bill. He has cancer in his remaining one kidney. He had one kidney removed due to cancer a few years ago. Please keep praying for Bill, the doctors caring for him, and for his family.

Bonnie requests prayer for three families who lost loved ones.

Bonnie Camp on 09/22/2020

Bonnie shared that a family member passed away, (Ernestine) Ernie, due to cancer. Also, her brother-in-law, Harold Williams, passed away last night (9/21). He had been on Hospice. And then Bonnie’s friend, Charity Baker, passed away due to being in a head on MVA on the Jerome Rd. Please pray for these families who have lost loved ones.

Roger Taber, Ken Staples’ brother-in-law, may have cancer.

Ken Staples on 09/22/2020

Ken requests prayer for Roger. He had a PET scan of his neck because a lump(s) was found under his jaw. Roger had been a pastor for 30-35 yrs. Please pray for him.

Roger Silvey’s wife, Donna, has 3 new tumors and needs prayer.

Spencer Hutson on 09/22/2020

Donna had cancer in the past but it had been in remission. There are three new tumors that were found. She is to undergo treatments. Roger is the pastor of Victory Baptist Church of Cherryville. Please pray for Donna, for Roger, and for the doctor(s) caring for Donna.

Baby Archie Miller weighs over 6 lbs now & is still adjusting to his formula, not always sleeping well.

Pastor Tommy on 09/22/2020

Archie now weighs over 6 lbs, which is wonderful! He still is adjusting to his formula, and doesn’t sleep well sometimes. Please continue to pray for him, Pastor Tommy, Stacey, and Henry.

Juan Marquez was in a serious motorcycle accident, fracturing his back.

Spencer Hutson on 09/22/2020

Spencer requests prayer for Juan. He was on Hwy 42 when he avoided running into a pedestrian, then had the serious motorcycle crash. He’s in a Columbia, MO Hospital. He has a wife (Christie) and young children. Please pray for Juan and his family.

The family of Kay Worley’s nephew has recovered after having Covid-19, praise God!

Kay Worley on 09/10/2020

Kay had requested prayer for her nephew, Jeremy Brown, and his family. Sarah, Jeremy’s wife, had Covid-19 and was very sick. Their family is in good health now. Praise God!

Gene & Amy Blake’s son is very sick in his chest and needs prayer.

Amy Blake on 09/15/2020

Gene & Amy’s son, Ryan Blake, is very ill. He is at home resting. He’s not running a fever, yet is very sick in his chest. Please pray that he recover and that he does not have Covid 19.

Denise, who works at the Food Pantry, is having a medical procedure on Thursday and needs prayer.

Linda Plank on 09/13/2020

Linda requests prayer for Denise who is to have a medical procedure done on Thursday, 9/17. Please pray for Denise.

Joann Beckemeyer shared that her daughter has a very positive outlook yet has Stage 4 kidney cancer.

Joann Beckemeyer on 09/13/2020

The Beckemeyer’s daughter has Stage 4 kidney cancer. Her outlook is very positive, Praise God! Please pray for her.

Mary Haughey is having eye problems and needs prayer.

Mary Haughey on 09/13/2020

Mary praises God that she does have her eyesight! She is having troubling eye symptoms and requests prayer.

Ron Tre’ Simmons is home with family and needs our prayers.

Jessie Stillman on 09/13/2020

Jessie shares that Ron Tre’ needs continued prayers. He is home with family but struggles with some issues. Please pray for him and for his family to help him.

President Trump, our law enforcement, our country & government need our prayers.

on 09/13/2020

Prayer was requested again for the members of law enforcement, for President Trump, for our country & government. The country is quite divided. There’s lots of unrest, especially in some of the larger cities across the country. Please pray for peace in our land. Pray for President Trump, MO Governor Parsons, & ALL of our elected leaders in this country. Pray for God’s will to be done in the upcoming election that will be held on November 3rd. Pray for the Lord to heal our land.

Two police officers in St. Louis were shot over the weekend.

Rich Ulman on 08/30/2020

Prayer was requested for the 2 police officers who were involved in a shooting in St.Louis. They were shot. Please pray for them.

Andrea Bridgeman needs prayer for her health.

Ken Sego on 08/30/2020

Ken requests prayer for his daughter Andrea. She has numerous health problems but recently has had a lot of pain. She is receiving treatments for the pain. Please pray for Andrea. And pray for her salvation.

Madison Slater needs prayer.

Donna Weber on 08/30/2020

Donna requests prayer for her granddaughter Madison. Madison needs dialysis almost daily, but due to the Covid pandemic has not been able to get that. She lives at a residential facility where 38 residents and 26 staff have tested positive for Covid. Madison is only 21 yrs old. Please pray for her.

Delores Tinker, Jimmy’s mother, had a stroke and is recovering from having a broken arm.

Jimmy Tinker on 08/30/2020

Jimmy’s mother, Delores, had a stroke. She had been having dizzy spells and was falling. More recently she was in a car wreck (8/21) and broke her arm. She is better now and is home recovering. Please pray for Delores, and for Jimmy and Lisa who help her.

Phil Yeoman’s father has esophageal cancer.

Spencer Hutson on 08/30/2020

Phil’s father lives in Pittsburgh, PA. He was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer. Please pray for him.

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