Olga Earney, the 101 yr old relative of Treff & Sandy, passed away on March 27th.

Sandy Earney on 03/31/2020

Mrs.Earney had fallen this month (March) breaking her hip. But now she has passed away. Please be in prayer for the Earney family.

Pastor Tommy’s mom, Donna Miller, has a new job now at St. Anthony’s Hospital. Praise God!

Pastor Tommy on 03/31/2020

Pastor Tommy’s mom is an RN who had been working in a cardiac unit, but was seeking for another place of employment. Donna Miller now has a new job at St. Anthony’s Hospital. Praise God!

Aden Staples requests prayer for his friend Taylor who was in a bad ATV accident.

Anna Staples on 03/29/2020

The grandson of Anna & Ken Staples, Aden, requests prayer for his friend Taylor who was in a bad ATV accident. Taylor is in Children’s Hospital in critical condition and on life support. Due to the coronavirus social distancing restrictions, friends are not allowed to visit in hospitals. Please pray for Taylor and her family at this time.

Ron Tre’ will be coming home soon and needs prayer.

Brenda Watts on 03/29/2020

Brenda requests prayer about her teenage grandson, Ron Tre’ Simmons. He has been away for a while but will be coming home sometime soon. Please be in prayer as he makes this transition back home. Not sure what the exact date is just yet but it will be soon.

Joann & Wayne Beckemeyer’s daughter cannot get the treatments she needs for her kidney failure.

Joann Beckemeyer on 03/15/2020

Joann requests prayer for their daughter who has Stage 4 kidney failure. Due to the problems associated with the coronavirus pandemic precautions, she apparently cannot get the treatments she needs at the university hospital. Please pray for her.

Nursing homes, the Veteran’s home, & prisons are all not receiving visitors right now due to coronavirus precautions.

on 03/15/2020

Please be prayerful for those in nursing homes, the Veteran’s home, & in the prisons since they cannot have visitors due to the coronavirus pandemic precautions. Folks will be saddened and depressed to not be able to have visitors. And the staff of these facilities will be stressed to be able to meet the needs of these ones.

Maxine Brewer’s health is not good right now.

Richard Hutson on 03/15/2020

Richard asks for prayer for his sister Maxine who has bone cancer. She had been hospitalized after having mini strokes. She is not doing well, Richard shares. Please pray for Maxine.

Lance DeClue, has cancer, and is quarantined in an ICU in California.

Bonnie Camp on 03/15/2020

Due to the coronavirus pandemic precautions, Lance’s wife Heidi cannot visit him in the hospital. Please pray for Lance, Heidi, and for the resolution of this virus.

Junior Jones fell on 3/12 fracturing his hip.

Anna Staples on 03/15/2020

Junior is taking rehab at the nursing home. The nursing home cannot have visitors due to the coronavirus pandemic precautions. Please pray for Junior’s recovery.

Larry & Donna Weber need prayer for health issues.

on 03/15/2020

Larry had heart surgery on 3/6, but has been having dizziness lately. Donna may be developing pneumonia again. Please pray for Larry & Donna to get well & to recover.

The nursing home where Betty Staples is staying will not allow visitors right now.

Ken Staples on 03/15/2020

Ken requests prayer for his mom Betty. She stays at a nursing home that will not allow visitors due to the coronavirus pandemic precautions. Ken says she is hard of hearing, has a type of bone cancer, experiences lots of pain with that, & may not understand the restrictions. Please pray for Betty.

Prayer was requested for protection from the coronavirus.

on 03/09/2020

Someone in the South STL area has been diagnosed with the coronavirus. This person and their family had recently been in Italy where the illness has occurred. Please pray for prevention of spread of this illness in the USA.

Sherman Bentley has cancer.

Jimmy Tinker on 03/02/2020

Sherman is the keyboard player for the Joyful Noise Gospel band that Flint Tindall and Jimmy Tinker are in also. Sherman had a biopsy done that showed cancer. Please pray for Sherman.

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