Rachel Mehl’s grandmother fell breaking her knee cap.

on 10/22/2018

Prayer was requested for Rachel’s grandmother. Her name was not given. She fell breaking her knee cap. Please pray for this lady.

Mark Sills is battling cancer.

Bonnie Camp on 10/22/2018

A friend of Bonnie’s, Mark Sills is battling cancer. Please pray for him.

Sherry Springer, relative of Ken & Anna Staples, is having poor health.

Ken Staples on 10/22/2018

The church has prayed for Sherry before. She has severe health problems. Her condition is grim right now. Please pray for Sherry.

Maxine Brewer has lung cancer.

Richard Hutson on 10/22/2018

Maxine has never smoked but ended up with lung cancer anyway, sadly. Her doctor is deciding about treatment(s) or surgery. This week she will have a port going in to receive chemo. She is the sister of Richard Hutson and Iona Alvey. Please pray for Maxine.

Bonnie Camp’s son Nathan may have a job. Keep praying.

Bonnie Camp on 10/22/2018

Bonnie’s son Nathan is still needs a job, but may have one lined up. Please pray for Nathan about this.

Janet Smith is home now after being in the hospital with heart problems.

Ed Smith on 10/22/2018

Ed’s sister-in-law, Janet, was in the hospital with heart problems. She is home now. Please pray for Janet’s recovery.

Praise God, Larry & Donna Weber got to come to church 10/21! Keep praying!

Ruth Sego on 10/22/2018

Larry & Donna Weber got to come to church this Sunday, 10/21. However, Larry is still very weak! Keep praying! He had triple bypass surgery on 9/18, so that is certainly something to overcome. Please keep praying for both Larry & Donna.

Walt Griese had some good results when he had the PET CT scan on 9/27. Praise God!

Ruth Sego on 10/20/2018

Walt is the brother-in-law of Ruth & Ken Sego. As of 10/15, there is almost NO cancer in his left tonsil & the cancer in the left lymph node in his throat has shrunk to very small after the radiation treatments he had. He is thankful that he feels NO pain & can eat most everything without problems. Currently, there are 3 suspicious small nodules in his right lung. He has been on a specific dietary regime & taking supplements. Please continue to pray for Walt.

Andrea Bridgeman is having nosebleeds due to high blood pressure.

Ken Sego on 10/20/2018

Andrea has been to the Rolla ER twice due to profuse nosebleeds. Her blood pressure has been elevated contributing to this. She is the daughter of Ken and Ruth. Please pray for Andrea and pray for her salvation.

Prayer was requested to keep praying for Coy Tinker.

Lisa Tinker on 10/20/2018

Lisa asks continued prayer for Coy, Jimmy’s brother. Coy has terminal cancer. Coy accepted Christ during his illness. Praise God he did! He has lots of pain at times, can get discouraged at times, but mostly has a positive outlook. Please keep praying for the Coy.

John Colbert has glioblastoma type cancer.

Spencer Hutson on 10/20/2018

Spencer requests prayer for John. He has an aggressive cancer, glioblastoma. He is a pastor in the West Plains, MO area @ Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church. Please pray for John.

Jayme Pruitt needs prayer.

Jessie Stillman on 10/15/2018

Jessie’s niece, Jayme, needs prayers for Jayme’s mother and grandmother. Both ladies have health concerns and also have other personal concerns that need prayed about. Please pray for these women.

Lisa Tinker requests for unspoken prayers.

Lisa Tinker on 10/15/2018

Lisa asks the church to pray about an unspoken prayer request. Please pray for this concern.

Sandy Borini has extremely fast growing kidney cancer. To have surgery 11/9/18.

Tammy Spurgeon on 10/15/2018

Sandy will have surgery on Friday, Nov.9th, for kidney cancer. She has an extremely fast growing type cancer. Please pray for her.

Nikki Leach had tests done checking for cancer. So far everything looks good. Praise God!

Jessie Stillman on 10/15/2018

Nikki is being tested for cancer. She wants to thank everyone for their prayers! So far everything looks good. Praise God! Please keep praying for Nikki.

Terry King was in the hospital with heart symptoms.

Ruth Sego on 10/13/2018

Terry King had recently been admitted to the VA hospital with heart symptoms. He was discharged to home now. He is the brother-in-law of Steve Stephens. Please pray for Terry.

Valerie Maurer, a friend of Pastor Tommy & Stacey, has stage 4 lung cancer.

Pastor Tommy on 10/12/2018

Valerie has stage 4 lung cancer plus cancer throughout her body. She is a Christian with a positive attitude, praise God! She is in her mid- to late 50’s in age. Please pray for Valerie.

Gregg Klouzek has passed away.

Spencer Hutson on 10/12/2018

Gregg had a heart attack & passed away unexpectedly. He had gone to the Cuba HS & the SW Baptist Univ. with Spencer. Please pray for the Klouzek family.

Michael & Michelle Fuller need prayer.

Ruth Sego on 10/08/2018

Please pray for the Fuller family. Pray for their salvation & that God would work in their family. Michael & Michelle have 2 daughters.

Debbie Lane has stage 4 cancer.

Mary Duryee on 10/08/2018

Mary requests prayer for Debbie who has stage 4 cancer. Please pray for Debbie.

Darlene Lorenz’s sister, Debbie Miner, has cancer.

Jackie Clark on 10/08/2018

Prayer was requested for Debbie who has stage 4 lung cancer. She now has bleeding in the brain plus 2 more stage 4 cancers were found. Darlene gives praise to God that Debbie is a believer and states she is ‘Ready to go!’ She’s been in church all her life. Please pray for Debbie & her family.

Ken Dixon’s mother & aunt have cancer.

Jessie Stillman on 10/08/2018

Jessie requests prayer for both ladies who are fighting the same type of cancer.

Andy Justison is having health issues.

Ruth Sego on 10/08/2018

Andy & his family are missionaries to Mango, Togo in Africa. Currently they are on a one year furlough. Andy contracted an illness from an uncommon virus while in Togo. Since recovering from the virus, he has been having residual, unusual symptoms from time to time affecting his eyesight & balance. On Sunday, 9/30, Andy & his family visited Deer Creek Church with his parents. They are friends of Ruth & Ken Sego. Please pray for Andy.

The Wood family need prayer.

Sandy Wood on 10/08/2018

Prayer was requested for the Wood family at this time. They are experiencing lots of strife in their family. Please pray for them.

The Cross family need prayer.

Anna Staples on 10/08/2018

Anna requests prayer for her cousins, the Cross family, who live in Indiana. Please pray for them.

Dylan Rodgers recently got married. He needs to find a home in the Cuba area.

Joni Sanders & Lindsay Rodgers on 10/08/2018

Joni requests prayer for Dylan, her son, & his new family. He recently got married. He is looking for a place to live in the Cuba area. Please pray for Dylan, his new family of 5, & that he can find a home in the Cuba area.

Bonnie Camp will have surgery to rebuild her left foot & ankle on Tuesday, 11/6. Please pray.

Bonnie Camp on 10/08/2018

Bonnie requests prayer about the upcoming surgery to be done on her left foot/ankle that is now scheduled for 11/6. She will need to be off that foot for 6 weeks after surgery. Her eye appointment will be Tuesday, 10/23. Please pray for Bonnie regarding these concerns.

Peggy Alvey is doing well after having surgery done on Wednesday, 10/3. Praise God!

Richard Hutson on 10/08/2018

Peggy is doing well after having a hysterectomy surgery done due to cancer. She is still being treated for blood clots & receiving blood thinner injections. Please pray now for Peggy’s recovery.

Franklin Graham & his team will be ministering in Monterrey, Mexico October 5th-7th.

Kay Worley on 10/02/2018

Kay requests prayer for Franklin Graham & his team who will be preaching & singing the weekend of October 5-7th in Monterrey, Mexico. Franklin’s team are servants who try to win people to Christ wherever they go.

Makhetang is an African mother who needs prayer.

Kay Worley on 10/01/2018

Kay requests prayer for Makhetang. This mother & her children need much prayer. Kay says, “Things took a turn for the worst” for this woman & family. Also, pray for missionaries Stan & Angie who are trying to help Makhetang with the ordeal she is going through.

The child of the Earney’s friends was in a freak accident.

Sandy Earney on 10/01/2018

Prayer was requested for a child who was in a freak accident. The child’s parents are friends of Sandy & Treff Earney. Please pray for this child.

Jason Martin has cancer again.

Anna Staples on 10/01/2018

Prayer was requested for Jason. He previously had cancer in his mouth. Cancer has returned. Please pray for Jason.

Rayburn Toy has cancer.

Bonnie Camp on 10/01/2018

Bonnie’s former boss from Fort Leonard Wood, Rayburn Toy, has cancer. She requests prayer for him.

Judy Moss needs prayer for her cancer.

Bonnie Camp on 10/01/2018

Bonnie requests continued prayer for Judy Moss who has cancer. She is taking chemo for that. Please pray for Judy.

Bill Alvey is having kidney problems.

Richard Hutson on 10/01/2018

Bill only has one functioning kidney, but it is not working well. Please pray for Bill.

The father-in-law of Steve Stephens had kidney surgery on 9/28. Awaiting test results.

Steve Stephens on 10/01/2018

Steve had requested prayer for his father-in-law, James King, who had kidney surgery on 9/28. He is doing fine after surgery, but waiting for test results to come back. Steve had also requested prayer for his mother-in-law who has some health problems as well. Please keep praying for Mr. & Mrs. King.

Prayer was requested for our country, the Supreme Court, our Government & it’s leaders, and the seemingly biased News Media.

on 09/23/2018

Our country is very divided right now & needs prayer! Please pray also that God would be honored in the USA.
1 Timothy 2:1-2 (HCSB)says, “First of all, then, I urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for everyone. For kings, and all those who are in authority, so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity.”

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