Elsie Weaver is anemic and needs prayer.

Anna Staples on 07/19/2018

Anna requests prayer for her mother Elsie. Elsie had blood tests done showing that she is anemic. Please pray that the cause of her anemia can be determined and remedied.

Janet Taber is having important health tests done.

Ken Staples on 07/19/2018

Ken requests prayer for his sister Janet who is having important health tests done. Please pray for Janet.

Emelia Glore is a 9 day old baby with severe health problems.

Sandy Earney on 07/19/2018

Sandy requests prayer for Emelia who is her great, great niece. This 9 day baby girl was born via C-section then rushed to Children’s Hospital with inflammation on the brain and having low oxygen levels. She is in the NICU. Please pray for Emelia.

Ryan is going for a job interview.

Ken Staples on 07/19/2018

Ken requests prayer for his nephew who is going for a job interview. Please pray for Ryan.

Pastor Tommy’s brother, Lynn Miller, will be going to court for adoption proceedings on 7/20/18.

Pastor Tommy on 07/19/2018

Pastor Tommy’s brother Lynn is adopting Daren and Dakota. The court proceedings for little Daren’s adoption are Friday, 7/20/18. Please pray for Lynn and his wife and for this adoption to go through smoothly.

Collin Edson is a six year old boy who needs prayer.

on 07/19/2018

Prayer was requested for Collin. He was raised by loving grandparents from birth. The boy’s mother and grandmother (on the mother’s side) took him to live with them. These ladies are supposedly drug users and exposing him to drugs. Please pray for protection and safety for Collin.

Rich Ulman had carotid artery surgery on 7/19/18.

Maureen (Mo) Ulman on 07/19/2018

Rich had carotid artery surgery on Thursday, 7/19, at St.Louis Mercy Hospital. The surgery involved artery ‘clean out’. He should be home in a day or two. Please pray for his healing and recovery.

Don Metcalf requests prayer for the Uncun family who lost a loved one.

Don Metcalf on 07/19/2018

Don requests prayer for the Uncun family who lost a family member. He wasn’t sure of the spelling of the name of this family, but the Lord knows. Please pray for this family.

David Kelley has a heart blockage.

Don Metcalf on 07/19/2018

Don requests prayer for David who has a heart blockage. Please pray for David.

Wanda Ridenhour needs prayer.

Don Metcalf on 07/19/2018

Don requests prayer for Wanda who is moving from Texas, yet her furniture is ‘in limbo’ between here to there. Please pray that her move would go smoothly and her furniture would arrive.

Jimmy Tinker’s Uncle Sonny needs prayer.

Lisa Tinker on 07/19/2018

Sonny was recently in a St.Louis hospital, but is home now. He has heart problems and rheumatoid arthritis. Please pray for Sonny.

Walt Griese can eat now some by mouth, praise God!

Ruth Sego on 07/19/0018

Walt has finished radiation for throat cancer. He’d been given nutrition via a feeding tube. He’s starting to eat, slowly. praise God! Please keep praying.

Joanne Beckmeyer’s brother, Ray Depew, passed away.

Ken Sego on 07/16/2018

Category: grief

Prayer is requested for Joanne and the DePew family due to the passing of Mr. Ray DePew, Joanne’s brother. Mr. DePew was from Desoto, MO. His funeral was 7/17/18. Joanne is the wife of Wayne Beckmeyer. Please pray for the DePew family.

Arlie Parker had a stroke.

Ken Sego on 07/16/2018

Arlie Parker had a bad stroke and is in rehab now at the Rolla Manor facility. He is a friend of Ken Sego and was an active member of the Cuba DAV. Please pray for his recovery.

Pray for our country and our government leaders


1 Timothy 2:1-2 says, “First of all, then, I urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for everyone. For kings, and leaders, so that we may lead and quiet and tranquil life in all godliness and dignity.” The USA is very divided right now, and needs prayer. Please pray for our country and its elected leaders.

Madison Eldridge needs prayer


Madison, granddaughter of Donna and Larry Weber, has many emotional and physical problems. She must take kidney dialysis. Madison is 18 years old and lives in an assistive care facility. Please pray for her.

Rex Lindsay is having treatments for esophageal cancer

Anna Staples on

Anna requests prayer for her cousin Rex who has esophageal cancer. After taking chemo and radiation plus having extensive surgeries, he has been given 6 months of recovery time. He has dealt with depression as well. But praise God, he is turning to God! Please pray for Rex’s recovery and his salvation and growth in Christ through it all.

Janet Kincaid is getting better yet still needs prayer

Jannel Boast on

Janet Kincaid had her bladder removed due to cancer. She had been hospitalized but is now getting better. Please pray for Janet’s recovery and healing.

Darlene Lorenz’s daughter, Stephanie is pregnant and needs prayer


Please pray for Stephanie who is pregnant. And pray for Darlene as she tries to help her. Stephanie needs the Lord.

Pastor Tommy’s grandpa, Lynn Miller, had complications after a heart catheterization

Tommy Miller on

Pastor Tommy had requested prayer for his grandpa Lynn who is 83 years old. He had passed blood after a heart catheterization. Please pray for Lynn.

Barb Barrick’s dad, Jerry Cunningham, was hospitalized with pneumonia again.

Barb Barrick on 07/19/2018

Jerry was admitted to the ICU last week with pneumonia. He has a health history of having a bad heart valve as well. Please pray for Jerry.

Addie Smith and Family need prayer

Tammy Spurgeon on

Tammy requests prayer for Addie Smith who is 12 years old. She has an unusual type of cancer of the thyroid. The family awaits test results sent to Mayo Clinic. Please pray for Addie and her family.

Judy Nevills has bladder cancer and will have surgery soon

Bonnie Camp on

Bonnie requests prayer for Judy who took chemo for bladder cancer.Judy’s bladder removal surgery after the chemo was completed. Please continue to pray for Judy.

Judy Moss is being treated for ovarian cancer.

Bonnie Camp on

Bonnie requests prayer for Judy who is undergoing chemo treatments for ovarian cancer. She had surgery. Please pray for Judy’s recovery and healing.

BettyJo requests prayer for her sister

BettyJo Brodzin on

BettyJo’s sister has open heart surgery about 3 years ago to replace the aortic valve. The valve has now failed. She had heart valve replacement surgery on June 26th.Please pray for her healing and recovery.

Bob Brodzin requires close care and needs prayer

BettyJo Brodzin on

BettyJo’s husband, Bob is still recovering after having a stroke. Please pray for Bob and BettyJo as she cares for him.

Jimmy Tinker’s aunt, Sherby Adams, passed away on 7/13/18.

Lisa Tinker on 07/19/2018

Please pray for the Tinker family. Jimmy Tinker’s Aunt Sherby Adams, who was dealing with cancer, passed away on 7/13/18. Please pray for the family.

Chance and Cindy Glenn need prayer.

Spencer Hutson on

Spencer requests prayer for a young couple. The wife has breast cancer. The husband is a young pastor. Please pray for Chance and Cindy.

Spencer Hutson’s cousin, Elizabeth, is having heart problems.

Spencer Hutson on

Elizabeth (Liz) is having heart problems. Please pray for Liz.

Lisa and Jimmy Tinker request continued prayer for Coy Tinker.

Lisa Tinker on 07/19/2018

Lisa and Jimmy request continued prayer for Jimmy’s brother Coy. He is still dealing with cancer and the treatments that go along with that. Please pray for Coy and the Tinker family.

Pat Mullen continues to need prayer.

Sharon Turnbough on

Pat is mostly confined to home due to health and has trouble breathing. He uses oxygen. Please pray for him and for Nancy his caregiver.

Tanner, a 3 year old boy, has cancer.

Flint Tindall on

Tanner, the nephew of Lisa Tindall’s co-worker, has cancer. He is only 3 yrs old. Please pray for Tanner and his family.

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