Ray Robinson, the grandson of Kay & Ed Worley, needs prayer.

Kay & Ed Worley on 09/24/2018

Ray is having medical issues at this time. He is a 24 yr. old young man with diabetes. Please pray for Ray.

Larry Weber is recovering slowly from having a triple bypass heart surgery done on 9/18. Please pray.

Ruth Sego on 09/23/2018

Larry had a triple bypass heart surgery done on 9/18 @ STL MO Baptist Medical Ctr. His recovery is going slowly & he needs prayer! Donna is staying @ the hospital & her health isn’t the best right now. She needs prayer too. Please keep Larry & Donna in prayer at this time.

Prayer was requested for our country, the Supreme Court, our Government & it’s leaders, and the seemingly biased News Media.

on 09/23/2018

Our country is very divided right now & needs prayer! Please pray also that God would be honored in the USA.
1 Timothy 2:1-2 (HCSB)says, “First of all, then, I urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for everyone. For kings, and all those who are in authority, so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity.”

The Baptist Disaster Relief organization has sent workers to the North & South Carolinas. Please pray for them.

Pastor Tommy on 09/23/2018

Prayer was requested for the Baptist Disaster Relief workers that have been sent to the North & South Carolinas to help after the terrible hurricanes, flooding, & damages have occurred. Please pray for those sent to help and for those affected out there, that the love & salvation of Christ can be shared as well.

Prayer was requested to keep praying for Coy Tinker.

Lisa Tinker on 09/23/2018

Lisa asks continued prayer for Coy, Jimmy’s brother. Coy has terminal cancer. Coy accepted Christ during his illness. Praise God he did! He has lots of pain at times, can get discouraged at times, but mostly has a positive outlook. Please keep praying for the Coy.

Jazz, a 6 year old boy, has both Type A & B flu.

Lisa Tinker on 09/23/2018

Lisa requests prayer for Jazz, a 6 year old boy relative who has 2 types of flu and is very sick. Please pray for Jazz.

Jim Tinker, Jimmy Tinker’s uncle, has cancer.

Lisa Tinker on 09/23/2018

Lisa requests prayer for Jimmy’s uncle, Jim Tinker, who has cancer. Please pray for Jim.

The father-in-law of Steve Stephens is having kidney surgery on Friday, 9/28.

Steve Stephens on 09/23/2018

Steve requests prayer for his father-in-law, Mr. King, who is having kidney surgery on 9/28. He also requests prayer for his mother-in-law who has some health problems as well. Please pray for Mr. & Mrs. King.

Dylan Rodgers needs unspoken prayer.

Joni Sanders on 09/23/2018

Joni requests unspoken prayer for Dylan, her son. Please pray for him.

Unspoken prayer was requested for Natalie Eye, Mary Esther Parry’s relative.

Joni Sanders on 09/23/2018

Joni asked for unspoken prayer for Natalie. God knows the situation. Please pray for her.

Lisa Lorts has an unspoken prayer request about her job.

Lisa Lorts on 09/23/2018

Lisa requested prayer about her job. She needs God’s direction. Please pray for Lisa.

Walt Griese will have a PET CT scan on 9/27 to see how his cancer status is.

Ruth Sego on 09/23/2018

Walt is the brother-in-law of Ruth & Ken Sego. He has a cancerous tonsil and lymph node. He has been on a specific dietary regime & taking supplements. He will have a PET CT scan done on 9/27 to find out the progress or shrinking status of those cancerous areas. Please pray for Walt.

Rylee Mabe, the grandson of Sandy & Treff Earney, is recovering after shoulder surgery done on 9/10.

Ruth Sego on 09/23/2018

Rylee had a severe shoulder injury that was repaired on 9/10. He is doing well after surgery, praise God! He will have the stitches removed on 9/25. Please keep praying for Rylee’s recovery which might take up to 6 months.

Bonnie Camp is having tests done this week on her left foot & ankle and her eye. Please pray.

Bonnie Camp on 09/23/2018

Bonnie requested prayer about the tests to be done this week on her left foot/ankle and one eye. The ortho specialist thinks he can repair her foot/ankle problem(s). Please pray for Bonnie.

Emily Mosher had hip replacement surgery done on 9/19 & is doing well.

Ruth Sego on 09/23/2018

Emily had hip replacement surgery done on 9/19. She is recovering well. She is the mother of Justin Mosher, Ken & Ruth Sego’s son-in-law. Emily has been a beautician in Cuba for many years & is known by many in the church. Please pray for Emily.

Woody Mosher was taken to the hospital today (9/23) with heart symptoms. Please pray.

Ken Sego on 09/23/2018

Woody Mosher came home from the hospital on 9/13, but had to return to the hospital today (9/23) with heart symptoms. Woody is the father of Justin Mosher, Ken & Ruth Sego’s son-in-law. Please pray for Woody.

Flint Tindall’s mother had been in the hospital, but is home doing well. Praise God!

Ruth Sego on 09/23/2018

Flint’s mother had been in the hospital due to having a colon blockage, but praise God, did not need to have surgery! She is home doing well, praise God!

Mary Jane Telle had knee replacement surgery.

Pastor Tommy on 09/20/2018

Pastor Tommy requests prayer for Mary Jane who had knee replacement surgery this past week. She is a friend from his former church. Please pray for Mary Jane’s healing and recovery.

Those affected by the current hurricane and flooding in the NC, SC, & coastal states.

Ruth Sego on 09/15/2018

Hurricane Florence and the flooding and damages that have and will result in the coastal states of NC, SC, and others are affecting many people. The MO Baptist Disaster Relief teams, Samaritan’s Purse, and other Christian organizations are sending help teams to those areas. Please pray for the people affected and for the help teams and their safety.

Flint Tindall’s son lives in Wilmington, NC where hurricane Florence is occurring.

Ruth Sego on 09/15/2018

One of Flint Tindall’s sons lives in Wilmington, NC where hurricane Florence is occurring. He was not able to leave thus is having to ride out the terrible storms and flooding. Please pray for his safety.

Mark Kline’s daughter was hit by a car.

on 09/15/2018

Prayer was requested for Mark Kline’s daughter who was hit by a car recently. Please pray for her.

Anna Staples has vascular blockages in her legs.

Ruth Sego on 09/15/2018

Anna had requested prayer for herself. Tests showed that she has vascular blockages in her legs. She had an echocardiogram done on 9/4 which showed an enlarged heart. Please pray for Anna.

Praise to God that Bonnie Camp’s Indian Hills house has sold!

Ruth Sego on 09/15/2018

Praise God, Bonnie’s house in Indian Hills has sold! Flint Tindall helped her fix the things that needed done on it as well. Praise God!

Mary Duryee is traveling in Sweden & abroad, and requests prayer.

Mary Duryee on 09/15/2018

Mary requests prayer for travel mercies while she is in Sweden visiting her granddaughter. She left on 9/11. She was also to fly to Slovakia to visit foreign exchange students that she knows. Please pray for safety as Mary travels abroad.

Peggy Alvey will have surgery in Columbia on 10/3. Please pray for Peggy.

Iona Alvey on 09/15/2018

On 8/29, Peggy found out that she had cancer. She will have surgery in Columbia to remove the cancerous areas on October 3rd. Please be in prayer for Peggy and their family.

Marilyn Bell is home & doing well after the doctors found a blockage then placed a stent. Praise God!

BettyJo Brodzin on 09/12/2018

Prayer had been requested for Marilyn Bell, BettyJo’s dear friend. When she had a cardiac cath done on 9/10, a blockage was discovered. A stent was placed during the procedure & she was discharged to home the next day. She is doing well, Praise God!

Ken Staples requests prayer for those who are caregivers of loved ones.

Ken Staples on 09/09/2018

Ken requested prayer for those who are caregivers for loved ones. Being caregivers can be a difficult job that takes a lot of patience and love.

Jackie Clark requests prayer for several folks she cares about.

Jackie Clark on 09/09/2018

1)Jackie requests prayer about her sister Patsy who had a stroke and is slowly recovering. Her arms are beginning to move.
2)Jackie requests prayer for her friend Bobby to have general healing.
3)Jackie requests prayer for her friend Beth who is the only caregiver to her 99 yr old mother. She asks prayer for continued endurance for Beth.
4)Jackie asks prayer for her friend Brenda who had cancer in the past, but the cancer has returned.

Mike Campbell is in the hospital with a possible brain bleed.

Anna Staples on 09/09/2018

Mike is in the STL University Hospital and may have a brain bleed. He will have a spinal tap done today, 9/9, and possibly other tests. Please pray for Mike.

Walter Heyer is home taking antibiotics for an infection, but still needs prayer.

Ruth Sego on 09/09/2018

Walter Heyer had to go to the ER @ MO Baptist Hospital in STL due to having developed a serious infection that required IV antibiotics. He is home now, but the infection still has not cleared up. He is the Director of Missions for the Meramec Baptist Association. He & his wife Laura have visited DCC many times. Please pray for Walter’s healing.

Charise lost her home in a fire and needs prayer.

Bonnie Camp on 09/09/2018

Bonnie requests prayer for a mother named Charise who has several children. She lost her home due to a fire. Please pray for Charise and her family.

Judy Moss needs prayer for her cancer.

Bonnie Camp on 09/09/2018

Bonnie requests prayer for Judy Moss who has cancer. She is taking chemo for that. Please pray for Judy.

Bonnie Camp requests prayer for her son Nathan to find the right job.

Bonnie Camp on 09/03/2018

Bonnie’s son Nathan needs to find the right job. Please pray for him.

Casey Winer needs prayer.

Joni Sanders on 09/09/2018

Casey has just been diagnosed with uterine cancer and is 22 years old. She is a cousin from Hope Arkansas. Our family would appreciate you keeping Casey in your prayers.

Prayer was requested for Corticia Colbert who has had a double mastectomy.

Brenda Watts on 09/03/2018

Brenda requests prayer for Corticia. She has had a double mastectomy due to cancer. This is Corticia’s 4th time to have cancer. Please pray for her comfort & healing.

Joni Sanders requests prayer for Pam Bouse.

Joni Sanders on 09/03/2018

Joni Sanders requests an unspoken prayer for Pam Bouse.

Flint Tindall requested prayer for our church and that we would have unity.

Flint Tindall on 09/03/2018

Flint wanted prayer for Deer Creek Church and that we would have unity.

Ken Staples wanted prayer for family members who have health issues.

Ken Staples on 09/03/2018

Ken requested prayer for 2 of his aunts, his brother, and a cousin all who have health issues. He shared that the Lord knows each situation, but wanted prayer for them.

Someone has an unspoken prayer request – provision.

Unspoken on 08/27/2018

Someone requests prayer for: struggling financially and prayers for a miracle to make it through next month of September. Please pray.

Bonnie Camp’s friend, Awanda, has cancer.

Megan Camp on 08/27/2018

Prayer was requested for the Moore family. Bonnie’s friend, Awanda, has cancer. Please pray for her.

Pat Woodruff’s husband, Ronnie, is having trouble with his eyes and needs prayer.

Kay Worley on 08/24/2018

Prayer was requested for Ronnie Woodruff. He is having tests and has been having trouble with his eyes. Please pray for Ronnie.

Dean Wood, Dave Wood’s brother, has an infection in his knee.

Dave & Sandy Wood on 08/27/2018

Dave & Sandy Wood ask prayer for Dean, Dave’s brother. He currently has a knee infection but will later need to have knee replacement surgery. Please pray for Dean.

Charles Keith was in a bad motorcycle accident & suffers numerous injuries.

Donna Weber on 08/19/2018

Donna requests prayer for Charles Keith, the Pastor at Roots Church in St.Clair. He was in a bad motorcycle accident & has a broken arm, fractured pelvis, & other fractures. Please pray for Charles.

Barbara Duyer needs prayer.

Joann Beckmeyer on 08/19/2018

Joann asks that the church would continue to pray for Barbara. She continues to have health issues after passing out a couple weeks ago. Please pray for Barbara.

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