Walt Griese is doing pretty well after having his feeding tube removed, praise God!

Ruth Sego on 08/08/2018

Walt has finished radiation for throat cancer, had been given nutrition via a feeding tube, but the tube was able to be removed. Praise God! He is doing pretty well in eating nutritious very soft meals successfully, praise God! Please keep praying.

Jimmy Tinker’s Uncle Sonny needs prayer.

Lisa Tinker on 07/19/2018

Sonny was recently in a St.Louis hospital, but is home now. He has heart problems and rheumatoid arthritis. Please pray for Sonny.

David Kelley has a heart blockage.

Don Metcalf on 07/19/2018

Don requests prayer for David who has a heart blockage. Please pray for David.

Pastor Tommy’s grandpa is to have heart valve replacement surgery soon.

Pastor Tommy on 08/17/2018

Pastor Tommy’s 83 yr old grandpa is having heart valve replacement surgery soon. Please pray for him.

Lisa Tinker asks prayer for her dad who has colon cancer surgery.

Lisa Tinker on 08/17/2018

Lisa shares that her dad who is 79 yrs old has colon cancer. He is to have surgery next week for that. He also has severe dementia. Please pray for him.

Anna Staples has vascular blockages in her legs.

Anna Staples on 08/17/2018

Anna requests prayer for herself. Tests show that she has vascular blockages in her legs. She is scheduled for an echocardiogram on 9/4. Please pray for Anna.

At the MO Baptist tent @ the State Fair in Sedalia, MO, 39 people accepted Christ. Praise God!

Spencer Hutson on 08/17/2018

Spencer shared that at the State Fair in Sedalia where the MO Baptist tent was located, of the 661 people who came by…39 people accepted Christ. Praise God! Let us pray for those new believers.

Lisa Tinker was taken on 8/16 to the Rolla Hospital with chest pain.

Jimmy Tinker on 08/17/2018

Jimmy took Lisa to the Rolla Hospital due to her having chest pains and hives. Praise God, no heart attack! But more tests are being done. Please pray for Lisa.

Ken Staples’ mom is having medical issues and needs prayer.

Ken Staples on 08/17/2018

Ken had asked prayer for his mom who is having medical issues. Please pray for her.

Pray for our country and our government leaders

on 07/29/2018

1 Timothy 2:1-2 says, “First of all, then, I urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for everyone. For kings, and leaders, so that we may lead and quiet and tranquil life in all godliness and dignity.” The USA is very divided right now & needs prayer. There are senseless shootings and disrespect of those in authority. Please pray for our country, its elected leaders, and that God would be honored in the USA.

Madison Eldridge needs prayer


Madison, granddaughter of Donna and Larry Weber, has many emotional and physical problems. She must take kidney dialysis. Madison is 18 years old and lives in an assistive care facility. Please pray for her.

Cindy Glenn’s cancerous tumor has shrunk 40%, praise God!

Spencer Hutson on 08/02/2018

Spencer had requested prayer for a young couple due to the wife having breast cancer. The husband is a young pastor, Chance Glenn. The recent tests came back showing that the cancerous tumor Cindy has had shrunk 40%, praise God! Please continue to pray for Cindy and Chance. They live in the Atlanta, MO area.

Barb Barrick’s dad, Jerry Cunningham, was hospitalized with pneumonia again.

Barb Barrick on 07/19/2018

Jerry was admitted to the ICU last week with pneumonia. He has a health history of having a bad heart valve as well. Please pray for Jerry.

Pat & Nancy Mullen need prayer.

Sharon Turnbough on 08/13/2018

Praise God, Pat & Nancy were able to attend church on Sunday, 8/12! Usually, Pat is confined to home due to his health and has trouble breathing. He uses oxygen. His health is declining. Nancy now has developed heart problems. Please pray for Pat’s health and for Nancy who is his caregiver.

Keep praying for Coy Tinker.

Lisa Tinker on 08/17/2018

Lisa asks continued prayer for Coy, Jimmy’s brother. Coy’s cancer is terminal & may have spread. He has lots of pain at times, but he has a positive outlook. Please pray for the Coy.

Tim Robinson passed away 8-11-18. His family needs prayer.

Chris Boda on 08/13/2018

Chris requests prayer for the Tim Robinson family. Tim passed away on Saturday, 8/11. He leaves a wife & son. He had touched many lives with his teaching during his time in the Boy Scouts.

Chris Boda requests prayer about having time to study the Bible & for an upcoming test.

Chris Boda on 08/13/2018

Chris requests prayer for himself regarding finding the time to study for an important Instructor II test and not to interfere with his study of the Bible.

Alex Phillips, a 20 yr old young man, had surgery on 8/16 for a brain tumor.

Pastor Tommy Miller on 08/17/2018

Pastor Tommy had asked prayer for Alex, a friend of his. Alex had surgery done in TX to remove a brain tumor on 8/16. Please pray for Alex’s healing & recovery.

Please pray for Rylee Mabe due to his shoulder injury, as to what’s the best treatment for his healing.

Sandy Earney on 08/17/2018

Sandy & Treff Earney’s grandson, Rylee Mabe, has a severe shoulder injury that may require surgery. The physicians want to try a type of physical therapy to strengthen his muscles, etc. as opposed to surgery. But he may still need surgery if that doesn’t work. Please pray for his parents and the doctors to make the right decisions, and for Rylee’s healing/recovery. Rylee is now a junior in high school, but will be prevented from playing basketball due to this injury.

Megan Camp got accepted into the Master’s Degree program at Maryville University, praise God!

Bonnie Camp on 08/08/2018

Bonnie gave praise to God that Megan was accepted in the Master’s Degree program at Maryville University, STL.

Bonnie gave praise to God that her eyesight is so much better after surgery & treatments.

Bonnie Camp on 08/08/2018

Bonnie has had laser treatments & cataract surgery to her one eye. Now her eyesight is so much better. Praise God!

Spencer Hutson’s cousin, Liz Burrows, may need a heart and liver transplant.

Spencer Hutson on 08/08/2018

Spencer requests prayer for his cousin Liz. She is only in her 30’s, but has been having heart issues. And now liver problems such that she may need a heart and liver transplant. Her husband left her due to her poor health. Please pray for Liz.

Casey Winer needs prayer.

Joni Sanders on 08/07/2018

Casey has just been diagnosed with uterine cancer and is 22 years old. She is a cousin from Hope Arkansas. Our family would appreciate you keeping Casey in your prayers.

Beth Bousquet, Valerie Hutson’s sister, fell crushing her kneecap.

Valerie Hutson on 08/05/2018

Valerie requests prayer for her sister Beth. Beth had knee replacement surgery 3 weeks ago & was doing well until she fell down a flight of stairs crushing her kneecap. This is the same kneecap that she just had the surgery on. She will have surgery on Tuesday, August 7th, to repair this crushed kneecap.

Bobbie Miller has multiple injuries due to a horseback accident & is in the ICU at Barnes Hospital in STL.

Dan Blesi on 08/05/2018

Dan requests prayer for Bobbie who was severely injured due to a horseback riding accident. Bobbie has broken ribs, a broken shoulder, and a punctured lung. Please pray for Bobbie.

Barbara Duyer needs prayer.

Joann Beckmeyer on 08/05/2018

After attending a church event on 8/3, she became incoherent and passed out. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital. She remains hospitalized for testing and observation. Not sure if this is related, but Barbara also has kidney disease. Please pray for Barbara and for her husband.

Pam Eldridge, Donna Weber’s daughter, got a new job. Praise God!

Donna Weber on 08/05/2018

Pam got a new job at Belle, MO teaching high school special education. She has been teaching at Great Circle in St. James. She had received numerous injuries of different types from the troubled students who attend there. Praise God that Pam got a new job!

There’s a contract on the previous home of Bonnie Camp, praise God!

Bonnie Camp on 08/08/2018

Bonnie had requested prayer that the house she owns at Indian Hills would sell. This house has been for sale for quite a while. She lives in Cuba, just outside of town now. Praise God, there’s a contract on her Indian Hills house. Please pray that it will sell.

Velma Jean (Camp) Ginnings is in end stage Alzheimer’s disease and needs prayer.

Bonnie Camp on 08/05/2018

Bonnie requests prayer for Velma who is in the end stage of Alzheimer’s disease. Please pray for Velma and her family.

Sheila Sego is home recovering after surgery.

Ruth Sego on 08/17/2018

Sheila had surgery on 8-14. She is home now recovering & Don, her husband, is caring for her. Please pray for her recovery.

Jerry Cunningham needs prayer.

Barb Barrick on 08/04/2018

Jerry Cunningham (Barb Barrick’s Dad) had several blood clots form in his upper lung near his heart.

James Bradford was killed on the way to work.

Pastor Tommy on 08/02/2018

A friend of Pastor Tommy, James Bradford, was killed driving home from work this past week. He was from Arrow, MO. Please pray for the Bradford family.

Landon Seal, a young boy, was hospitalized with cellulitis.

Pastor Tommy on 07/31/2018

Landon is a boy who developed cellulitis from a bug bite. Due to the spreading of the cellulitis, he had to be hospitalized at Children’s Hospital in STL. Please pray for Landon.

Eula Ogle needs prayer.

Joni Sanders on 07/29/2018

Eula had been in the ER, then taken to STL Missouri Baptist Hospital on 7/24. She’s having lots of hip pain. Due to diabetes, her blood sugars have been in abnormal levels. Please keep Eula and her caregiver Joan Gillam in your prayers.

Joe Moqua lost his wife in a freak accident.

Barb Shepard on 07/29/2018

Barb requested prayer for Joe Moqua. His wife was killed in a freak accident. Please pray for Joe and the Moqua family.

Sherry Springer fell breaking her arm.

Anna Staples on 07/29/2018

Anna requests prayer for Sherry because she now has fallen breaking her arm. Sherry was already to have surgery due to having cancer behind her tongue & in her gums. Now this new injury. Please pray for Sherry.

Betsy Shockley will be going to Cuba Manor after she is discharged from the hospital.

Ken Sego on 08/13/2018

Prayer had been requested for Betsy Shockley. She was in the ICU, had been on the ventilator, and remains hospitalized. She will be going to Cuba Manor when discharged. Please pray for her.

Pray for school teachers in our area & in the country.

Sandy Earney on 07/30/2018

Prayer was requested for the school teachers in our area. School is about to start in August. Sandy shared how difficult it is to be a school teacher & do their jobs well. So much disrespect with children & in homes, yet no backing for the teachers.

Danielle Ullrich needs prayer for mental health.

Stacy Davis on 08/13/2018

Danielle has miscarried all 3 of her children. She may have post-partum depression now. She needs God’s healing. Please pray for Danielle.

Ron Tre’ Simmons’ dad, Ronald Simmons, had skull surgery.

Brenda Watts on 08/05/2018

Ronald Simmons, Ron Tre’s dad, had skull surgery to replace his skull. Ronald had been in a very serious car accident with lots of injuries. At last report, he was doing well. Please continue to pray for Ronald’s recovery.

Bonnie Camp’s cousins are all safe who have been threatened by fire dangers in California.

Bonnie Camp on 08/08/2018

Bonnie’s cousins who live in California and have been in danger of the fires have been kept safe. Praise God! Please pray for the others who have been evacuated from a fire tornado west of Redding, CA.

Hannah Copeland’s mother needs prayer.

Hannah Copeland on 07/29/2018

Hannah requests prayer for her mother because she isn’t doing well. God knows the details. Please pray for Hannah’s mother.

Sarah Hicks had knee surgery.

Dave & Sandy Wood on 07/24/2018

Sarah is the great niece of Dave & Sandy Wood. She had knee surgery that involved having new muscles & tendons. She will be on crutches for several weeks. Please pray for Sarah.

Alice Mendoza needs prayer.

Frank Meade on 07/24/2018

Prayer was requested for Alice Mendoza, Frank Meade’s sister. Alice was taken to the Rolla Hospital on 7/21 due to mental health issues. Please pray for Alice.

A terrible ‘Ride the Ducks’ accident in Branson, MO caused 17 deaths. Please pray for those families affected.

Joni & Jim Sanders on 07/24/2018

There was a ‘Ride the Ducks’ amphibious boat accident on 7/19/18 where the tourist boat capsized and sank to the bottom of Table Rock Lake. Seventeen people were killed, including 9 from the same family. There were 7 others, including 3 children, injured. Please pray for the families of all the victims and all those involved.

Janet Taber is having important health tests done.

Ken Staples on 07/19/2018

Ken requests prayer for his sister Janet who is having important health tests done. Please pray for Janet.

Collin Edson is a six year old boy who needs prayer.

on 07/19/2018

Prayer was requested for Collin. He was raised by loving grandparents from birth. The boy’s mother and grandmother (on the mother’s side) took him to live with them. These ladies are supposedly drug users and exposing him to drugs. Please pray for protection and safety for Collin.

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