Jackie Clark will have surgery on Thursday, 12/20, @ St. Mary’s Hospital.

Ruth Sego on 12/14/2018

Jackie must have surgery to repair some physical problems she has been having. She will have this done at St.Mary’s Hospital, in STL. Please pray for Jackie.

Joni praises God for reuniting her family, Monicka, Malachi & Jacoby back after 6 yrs away!

Joni Sanders on 12/09/2018

Monicka and her two children, Malachi & Jacoby, came to church today with Joni. Joni praises God that after 6 years, Monicka and her family have been reunited with her!

BettyJo requests prayer for Christie Linville.

BettyJo Brodzin on 12/09/2018

Please pray for Christie Linville.

Bonnie requests prayer for a senior adult lady who was ‘ripped off’ by her loved ones.

Bonnie Camp on 12/09/2018

Bonnie doesn’t want to mention the senior adult lady’s name, but she had been ‘ripped off’ by her loved ones. Please pray for this lady.

Jackie Clark’s sister Patsy has improved in her strength after a stroke. Praise God!

Jackie Clark on 12/09/2018

Jackie gives praise that her sister Patsy can now open car doors and has improved greatly after having a devastating stroke.

Rich Ulman requests prayer for his sons Steve & Mike Ulman.

Rich Ulman on 12/09/2018

Rich’s sons, Steve & Mike, lost their mother to cancer this past week. Please pray for them and their families.

Joan Mitchell gives praise for the prayers for Scott Mitchell.

Joan Mitchell on 12/09/2018

Joan thanks God and everyone who prayed for Scott Mitchell. He is doing well now. Praise God!

Rylee Mabe has been released to start basketball practice. Praise God!

Sandy Earney on 12/09/2018

Sandy gives praise to God that Rylee has been released to start basketball practice. We have been praying for Rylee, Sandy & Tref’s grandson, since he had to have shoulder surgery right before school started. He had been VERY active in sports prior to this surgery so was unable to be involved. Praise God he can start practice!

Carol Lea has ovarian cancer and her health is deteriorating.

Sandy Earney on 12/09/2018

Carol must have an IV port inserted in order for her to receive chemo. She has ovarian cancer. Her health is deteriorating. She is the wife of Billy Lea. Please pray for Carol.

Peggy Alvey is having health issues after her surgery.

Richard Hutson on 12/09/2018

Prayer was requested for Peggy. She is now anemic and having other health issues. Please pray for Peggy.

Eula Gillam Ogle passed away 12/5/18.

Ruth Sego on 12/09/2018

Eula is the mother-in-law of Joan Gillam. Eula passed away on Wednesday, 12/5. Due to her health, she has not been able to attend Deer Creek Church for some time. She was a member of the church, however. Please be in prayer for Eula’s family. Visitation is 12/10 from 11am-1pm at Steelville’s Hutson Funeral Home. The funeral will follow at 1pm on the 10th.

Makhetang & her children need prayer.

Kay Worley on 12/09/2018

Kay requests continued prayer for Makhetang and her 3 young children. Please pray that the children will not be influenced by the witch doctor.

Sandy Good, Tim Good’s mother, will be on medication for heart symptoms.

Ruth Sego on 12/09/2018

Sandy had been having some heart symptoms that needed checked out. She had a cardiac cath done on 12/5. She will be on medication, for now, to deal with the heart symptoms. Please pray for Sandy.

Mark Hilse has cancer & is taking chemo.

Bonnie Camp on 11/30/2018

Bonnie asks continued prayer for her friend Mark who has cancer & takes chemo. Please pray for Mark.

The Flores family need prayer.

on 11/29/2018

Prayer was requested for the Flores family, missionaries who spoke at DCC on 11/18. Their daughter Rebecca acquired salmonella poisoning and thus they came home for medical reasons. Their family would like to return to Lesotho, Africa. Please pray for their family’s health and that they could return to Africa. And too that the Lord would bless them during this time of furlough in the states.

Cathy Conway has cancer in the fluid around her lungs.

Mary Haughey on 11/29/2018

Mary requests prayer for her eldest daughter Cathy who now has developed cancer in the fluid around her lungs. She will be going through chemo around Christmas. She had breast cancer in 2007. Mary is unsure if Cathy has accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior. Please pray for Cathy’s healing and salvation. And Mary requests prayer for Cathy’s son and his family as well.

Larry Weber had fluid drained off his lungs on 12/6. He feels better.

Ruth Sego on 12/09/2018

Larry is still recovering after having triple bypass surgery on 9/18. He had quite a lot of fluid drained off his lungs on 12/6. He was able to come to church today, 12/9, praise God! And is feeling better. Please pray for him.

Alice Mendoza had been hospitalized with kidney failure.

Frank Meade on 11/27/2018

Frank’s sister Alice was in the hospital this month with kidney failure. Please pray for her.

Coy Tinker’s health condition is getting worse.

Lisa Tinker on 12/09/2018

Lisa asks for prayer for Coy, Jimmy’s brother. Coy’s condition is getting worse. He has terminal cancer. Lisa asks prayer not only for Coy, but also for his caregivers & Jackie Panklsy (a friend of his). Please keep praying for the Coy.

Sharon Grady has passed away.

Jackie Clark & Mary Duryee on 12/09/2018

Prayer had been requested for Sharon who was hospitalized on 11/24. She had a history of having cancer. She has now passed away. Please pray for Sharon’s daughter & the Grady family.

The mother-in-law of Steve Stephens, Mrs. King, is having serious health issues.

Steve Stephens on 11/27/2018

Steve had requested prayer for his in-laws, Mr. & Mrs. James King. Currently, Mrs. King is having serious health issues. Her husband is dealing with bladder cancer, taking treatments, & doing fairly well. Please be in prayer for Mrs. King at this time.

Anna Staples’ 2 cousins haven’t spoke to each other due to a disagreement over a petty issue.

Ken Staples on 11/18/2018

Prayer was requested for Howard and Dwight, 2 cousins of Anna Staples who live in Indiana. They are seemingly great guys, but have chosen not to speak to each other over a petty issue. This has lasted for several years. Please pray for a resolution of the problem & restoration of their relationship.

Debbie Miner had another stroke and is in the hospital.

Makenlee Lorenz on 11/18/2018

Prayer was requested for Darlene Lorenz’s sister, Debbie, who had another stroke and is in the hospital. Please pray for Debbie.

Joyce Hartzell’s close friend, Gayle, may have cancer. Please pray.

Joyce Hartzell on 11/14/2018

Joyce requests prayer for her close friend Gayle. Her doctors have told her that she may have a hidden cancer. She has had 2 previous cancers and recovered from them. Please pray that the doctors can find out quickly exactly what is wrong and be able to treat her.

Rachel Kaufmen had a 3 lb 9 oz baby boy by C-section. Baby will remain in the hospital for a few weeks.

Bonnie Camp on 11/26/2018

Bonnie had requested prayer for Rachel who is the sister of Bonnie’s daughter-in-law. Rachel had pre-eclampsia thus the baby was born at 30 weeks due to complications. The baby boy weighed 3 lbs 9 oz, but is doing well. He will need remain in the hospital for several weeks. Please pray for Rachel as she recovers from a C-section and for the little baby boy.

Prayer was requested for our country, the Supreme Court, our Government & it’s leaders.

on 11/12/2018

Please keep praying for our country. It is very divided right now & needs prayer! Please pray also that God would be honored in the USA.
1 Timothy 2:1-2 (HCSB)says, “First of all, then, I urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for everyone. For kings, and all those who are in authority, so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity.”

Bonnie Camp is recovering after surgery to rebuild her left foot & ankle on 11/6.

Ruth Sego on 11/26/2018

Bonnie had surgery done on her left foot & ankle on 11/6. She must be off that foot for 6 weeks after surgery. Please pray for Bonnie’s recovery.

Janet Smith is recovering after being in the hospital with heart problems.

Ed Smith on 11/12/2018

Ed’s sister-in-law, Janet, was in the hospital with heart problems. She is home now, but still recovering and needs prayer. Ed requests prayer for Janet’s recovery.

Anna Staples’ cousin needs prayer to stay off drinking alcohol.

Ken Staples on 11/12/2018

Prayer was requested for one of Anna’s cousins. He has a drinking problem but has stopped drinking for 4 weeks. Please pray that he could stay away from alcohol.

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