Rebecca requests prayer for financial concerns.

Rebecca on 01/19/2019

Rebecca requests prayer about a financial burden she is experiencing. Please pray for Rebecca.

Baby Elizabeth Sanders is hospitalized at Children’s Hospital in STL and needs prayer.

Ruth Sego on 01/18/2019

Elizabeth was born on 12/7/18 and has a heart birth defect. She already had one heart surgery and remains at Children’s Hospital. Her parents are Scott and Jaqulyn Sanders, friends to Ken and Ruth Sego. Elizabeth’s parents and one of the grandmothers take turns staying with the baby everyday. Please pray for healing and health for little Elizabeth.

Mike Abbott is to have back surgery soon.

Ken Sego on 01/18/2019

Mike is one of the men who cook the pork roasts in his smoker for the Wild Game Dinner. He is having back trouble and is to have back surgery soon. Please pray for Mike.

Ed Worley is having health issues.

Ruth Sego on 01/18/2019

Ed Worley had been hospitalized with health concerns. Please be in prayer for Ed’s recovery and for Kay as she cares for him.

Donna and Larry Weber are having a lot of health issues and need prayer.

Ruth Sego on 01/18/2019

Donna and Larry both have been sick this January. Donna fell as well and is recovering from that fall. Larry is still recovering after having heart surgery and needing oxygen at times. Please be in prayer for the both of them.

Dorothy Roland is having lots of health issues right now and needs prayer.

Valerie Hutson on 01/18/2019

Dorothy was in the ER Wednesday, 1/16. She is supposed to be having an upcoming neck surgery soon, but pain and other health issues brought her to the ER. Please pray for Dorothy.

Denton Fugate requests prayer for the family of Mason Lowe who died in a bull riding accident.

Spencer Hutson on 01/18/2019

Denton’s family previously attended Deer Creek Church. A friend of his was killed in a bull riding accident while in a competition at Denver, CO. Mason was stepped on in the chest by the bull he had been riding, but later died that day. Mason was only 25 yrs old. He leaves a wife and other family. Please pray for Mason’s widow and family.

Walt Griese’s cancer has spread to his lungs.

Ruth Sego on 01/09/2019

Walt is the brother-in-law of Ken and Ruth Sego. The church has prayed for him before. He has been dealing with cancer in his throat. It has now spread to his lungs. He and his wife are pursuing treatment options for him. They are believers in Christ. Please be in prayer for Walt and his wife Verna.

Many in the church are dealing with sickness. Please pray that everyone can get well.

Ruth Sego on 01/18/2019

Many folks in the church are sick or dealing with illness. Please pray for health, wellness, and recovery for everyone.

Scott Dotson, brother of Rocky Dotson, is recovering from pancreas surgery.

Ken Sego on 01/14/2019

Scott had pancreas surgery done at STL MO Baptist Hospital recently. He is staying with Rocky as he recovers. Please pray for Scott.

Sharon Yeats cancer scans done in TX came back clear. Praise God!

Spencer Hutson on 01/09/2019

Sharon Yeats and her husband Dr.John Yeats, are members of Deer Creek Church, work for the Missouri Baptist Convention, and yet travel all over the state serving the Lord. Sharon has a type of incurable cancer, but gets periodic treatments and tests to check on the status of the cancer. Sharon & Dr. John went to TX on 1/7 for her to be scanned, checking on the status of the cancer. The scans came back clear. Praise God!

A 16 yr. old girl has renounced God and needs deliverance.

Ron Copling on 01/07/2019

Ron requests prayer for a 16 yr.old girl who has renounced God and needs deliverance from Satanic forces in her life. Please pray for this girl.

Cathy Conway has cancer that returned.

on 01/07/2019

Prayer was requested for Cathy. She had cancer in the past, but now the cancer has returned. She will take chemo treatments. Please pray for Cathy.

A friend of Bonnie Camp has cancer that is spreading.

Bonnie Camp on 01/07/2019

Bonnie requests prayer for the wife of a warrant officer friend from Fort Leonard Wood. The woman had a double mastectomy in the past, but now the cancer has returned to spread in other places. Please pray for her.

Phillip Farrar Jr. was killed tragically on New Year’s Eve.

Ruth and Ken Sego on 01/07/2019

Phillip was walking on Hwy.8 in Steelville on 12/31 when fatally struck by a car. Phillip’s only daughter is Natasha. Austin Bridgeman and Natasha are the parents of Ken and Ruth’s 3 great-granddaughters. The funeral was on 1/7. Phillip may not have been saved nor many of those attending the funeral. Please pray for comfort of Phillip’s family and friends and for the salvation of those who came to his funeral.

Coy Tinker’s health condition continues to get worse and he doubts God now.

Lisa Tinker on 01/07/2019

Lisa asks for prayer for Coy, Jimmy’s brother. Coy’s condition continues to get worse. He has terminal cancer. Although he accepted Christ during this ordeal of getting cancer, Coy has become discouraged and now is ‘mad at God’, Lisa shares. Please pray that Coy finds strength and would be encouraged in the Lord.

A friend of Ken Staples who lives in Indiana needs salvation.

Ken Staples on 01/07/2019

Ken requests prayer for a friend of his who has esophageal cancer. This man is an ex-Marine, a ‘buddy’ of Ken’s, lives in Indiana, and is not saved. Please pray for this man’s salvation.

Nathan Camp needs a job. He has 2 interviews. He needs prayer.

Bonnie Camp on 01/07/2019

Bonnie requests prayer for her son Nate who needs a job. He has 2 interviews lined up soon. Please pray for Nate.

Jason Martin has a growing tumor on his tongue that continues to enlarge.

Anna Staples on 01/07/2019

Anna shared an update about Jason and the growing tumor he has on his tongue. After having tests done when he went to MD Anderson in Houston, TX to try and get more help for this condition, he was not given a good report. Please pray for Jason.

Maxine Brewer and Peggy Alvey need prayer.

Richard Hutson on 01/07/2019

Richard requests continue prayer for his sister Maxine and for his niece Peggy, both who have health issues. Peggy is still recovering from surgery. Maxine has cancer is not doing well. Please pray for Maxine and Peggy.

Butch Terry is recovering after having double bypass heart surgery on 1/3/19.

Don Sego on 01/07/2019

Please be in prayer for Butch Terry as he recovers following double bypass heart surgery done 1/3. He is Jannell Boast’s stepfather. Please pray for his recovery.

Robert (Bob) Ulman has advanced, terminal lung cancer.

Rich Ulman on 12/31/2018

Rich requests prayer for his brother Bob who has advanced cancer of the lungs. Bob’s doctor gives him only 2-3 weeks to live. Please pray for Bob.

A co-worker of Chris Boda, Jarred, is having marital issues and needs prayer.

Chris Boda on 12/31/2018

Chris requests prayer for Jarred and his family. Jarred is having some marital issues and needs guidance from the Lord. Please pray for Jarred.

Ginger Boda has cellulitis in her foot that is very swollen.

Chris Boda on 12/31/2018

Chris requests prayer for his sister Ginger who has cellulitis and extreme swelling in her foot. She may have to be hospitalized for the condition. Please pray for Ginger.

Prayer was requested for baby Sofia Renee who was born recently.

Makehlee Lorenz on 12/29/2018

Darlene Lorenz’s baby granddaughter, Sofia Renee, was born recently. Stephanie is her mother and Makehlee is her sister. Makehlee asks for Sofia’s safety and health. Please pray for Sofia.

Lily Baker, the 4 yr old child w/leukemia, is home from the hospital and doing better. Praise God!

Spencer & Valerie Hutson on 12/29/2018

Prayer had been requested for Lily who has leukemia. The church had prayed for her before Christmas. She was in the St.Jude’s Hospital in Memphis due to her critical condition and serious health issues. Praise God, her condition has improved greatly. She must still undergo treatments for leukemia. Lilly’s parents attend FBC church with Brooke & Tim Gibson in Oxford, MS. Please keep praying for Lily.

Patty Caldera is a caregiver for Maggie Volem who is 91 yrs old.

Tammy Spurgeon on 12/17/2018

Tammy requested prayer for Patty who helps care for Maggie, who is 91 yrs old. Please pray for Patty & for Maggie.

Joann Beckemeyer had cataract surgery on January 17. Please pray for her recovery.

Ruth Sego on 01/18/2019

On Thursday, 1/17, Joann had cataract surgery done on her right eye. Please pray for Joann’s recovery, that her sight will be much improved.

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